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HACCP Graded Food Safety is Achieved Through JS Analytical

In-line free fall metal detector installed in a food production line Sesotec Rapid 5000

HACCP, The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system classifies risks to food consumers into three categories—biological, chemical, & physical.

Food safety professionals JS Analytical, contribute effort to eliminate food consumer physical risks by providing Sesotec’s Raycon, an X-ray Inspection & Sorting system and Metal Detector with Separation System to the food companies. Foreign physical material is defined as foreign bodies that may cause illness or injury to the consumer, e.g. stones, broken glass, metals, plastics etc. These foreign materials account for a high percentage of customer complaints because physical hazards are easily identified by the consumer. The hazards include; biting into a piece of metal, chipping a tooth, injury by a broken glass or choking on a piece of plastic are all dramatic incidents.

Detection & Separation of foreign material is critical to prevent injury to the consumer. This can be achieved through installing atrustable metal detector made in Germany, Sesotec x-ray detection system or a metal detector with separator. JS Analytical has recently supplied two units of Sesotec Metal Detectors with Separator to a Malaysia’s premium quality spices manufacturer that has established more than 25 years. The metal detection system with separator installed is a free fall in-line metal detection type. It has high metal detection sensitivity and reliable separation mechanism to reject foreign metals. Now is the age of internet, good and bad news spread fast. For that reason, there is testing done all the way from the farm to the fork! Food companies want to sell safe products and protect their brand name from the influence of recall.

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