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Product Model & Name: X-Rite Ci64 Spectrometer with IQC software

Client: Electronics (Semiconductor, Hard Disk Drive and Flat Panel Displays) Manufacturer for Medical & Health Care; Consumer Products; Energy and Aerospace industries.from international & local market.

Application: They needed a Spectrophotometer for Quality control purposes.

“Victor Equipment Resources & JS Analytical worked together to get this order from this customer again. There was training for color theory, operation on hardware and software.”

Product Model & Name: X-Rite Ci60 Sphere Spectrophotometer

Client: Electronics (Semiconductor, Hard Disk Drive and Flat Panel Displays) Manufacturer for Medical & Health Care; Consumer Products; Energy and Aerospace industries.

Application: They needed a Spectrophotometer to do Quality control on their coating on the metal parts of their products.

Product Model & Name: Sesotec Conveyor Metal Detector

Client: Diapers Manufacturer

Application: To ensure that their products contains no foreign metals.

Product Model & Name: X-Rite Ci60 Sphere Spectrophotometer

Client: Manufacturing company on high-precision metal stamping-components parts in Malaysia. They serve industries like Electrical & Electronic, Semi-Conductor, Biotechnology, etc. 

Application: QC with their metallic parts’ coating.

Product Model & Name: X-Rite Color RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter

Client: metal stamping component & parts manufacturer based at Port KlangSelangor

Application:needed the product to check the appearance color for their pressure gauge(s)

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Product Model & Name: Scanline Walk-through metal detector

Client: Client manufactures Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and Particleboard. (Other products such as Paper, Veneer, Printed, Melamine Board Laminations, RTA Furniture, Sawn Rubberwood Timber, Biomass Wood Pallets and move up stream producing Resin and having our own Rubber Trees Plantation.)

Application: To avoid workers carrying any metal items/object/part while stepping in to their production line. To prevent foreign metals found in their finished products.

Product Model & Name: MA94 Multi-angle Spectrophotometer

Client: Car Bodywork & Spray Painting manufacturer based in Alor Gajah, Melaka. 

Application: To do Quality Control & judge the colours of their product samples, properly.

Product Model & Name: X-Rite eXact (Handheld Spectrophotometer and Densitometer)

Client: Manufacturer And Dealer in Gravure Printing & Decorative Papers. (They do paper laminated panels with smoother and harder surfaces using decorative papers.)

They specialize in Laminating Plywood, Medium Density Fiber-Board (MDF), Particle-Board (PB), etc. to furniture, household & consumer goods industries.

Application: Colour Quality control on their decorative paper to meet their customer requirements.

Reason of Purchase: Previously they relied with their nickel eyes to monitor their decorative paper but it was difficult for them to judge properly; which eventually became time-consuming and created errors to create consistent color with previous production. The X-rite Exact (standard), helped them to solve all these problems, by allowing them to better judge & access their colors correctly and reduce their time to redo their work (i.e. reducing production error, cost and time).