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Measuring on Reflective Surfaces is a Challenge but not for the Ci64 Series

The Ci64 Portable Spectrophotometer series are the most precise handheld spectrophotometer of its kind. Since regular spectrophotometers cannot measure glossy objects, this prevents users to view the true representation of how the human eye will perceive the colour nor provide the right colour detection.

A sample of the same colour can be seen differently under the gloss effect. In order to get a uniform appearance, light attributes need to be controlled.

Quality Colour Control & Measurement:

Ci64 Spectrophotometers can provide reflectance measurements in 2 ways: Specular included (SPIN) & Specular excluded (SPEX).

SPIN: To include gloss in the measurement, the specular port closes. Used to detect the pigmentation or to compare textures of the same material. (Users will be able to evaluate the colour without respect to gloss or texture; while measuring pieces with various textures, such as plastic mouldings, and for those who want to compare various surfaces for colour variation.)

SPEX: To exclude gloss, the specular port opens to let the specular component escape so it’s not included in the measurement. Used to measure the appearance of a sample.

Other features:

  • Accurately measure reflective or uneven surfaces or materials including optical brightening agents for a wide variety of products and packaging types.
  • Ensure a colour quality audit trail across multiple devices and locations to ensure consistent colour and brand integrity in a supply chain.
  • Access & Store up to 4,000 reference samples in the device.
  • And more…

    The Ci64 series is suitable for colour QC Professionals from: Plastics, Coatings, Textiles, Automotive and other related industries…

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