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Remove Metal Contaminants in Food / Packaging

“Ensure consumer safety by preventing contaminated food from reaching customers. Metal
Detectors have played an important role in rejecting metal contaminated products while
improving production efficiency.“


Solutions :

Metal Detector System with integrated conveyor belt

Metal Detector System for Free-Fall Applications

Very useful for sorting bulk produce like grains, rice, oats, seeds, dried food, raisins, etc.
Metal detectors with conveyor belt can be used to detect metallic contaminants in food pieces, goods, and packagings.
Why Sesotec?

From Germany and since 1976, Sesotec GmbH designs manufactures and markets inspection, separation, and sorting systems for manufacturing and processing industries.

Regardless of whether the contaminant − exposed or embedded in the product − is made of iron, steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper and brass, our metal detection systems identify all metallic contaminants using inductive technology

JS Analytical Sdn Bhd (1094207-V) is a Certified Agent for Sesotec GmbH.

For more info, consult our product specialist
Mr. Joe Yen, Product Specialist / 012-6412576 (WhatsApp)