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PROTECTOR PROFESSIONAL (High-performance Metal separator for extruders, injection-moulding and blow-moulding machines)

  • Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, even if such contaminants are enclosed in the product, and reliably separates them from the material flow
  • Reduces costs caused by mould and machine damage and production losses
  • Guarantees product quality
  • Protects against customer complaints
  • Offers a rapid return on investment
  • Extremely high scanning sensitivity for all metals even under high mechanical loads, e.g. with heavy conveyor, dosing, mixing, and feeding units mounted on top.
  • Metal contaminants are automatically and reliably separated into a closed collecting container through a 2 m spiral tube (option).
  • The metal separator guarantees a safe and reproducible function even if the material has a high regrind content (dust).
  • The space-saving, compact system design allows quick and easy installation.
  • Adapter plates for the quick connection of material conveyors of different manufacturers are available as an option.
  • Auto-Set (auto-teach function) or manual product compensation (no fixed setting) for improved adaptation to the intrinsic conductivity of the product to be inspected
  • Pre-set operating parameters for easy operation.
  • Minimum loss of good material due to proven “Quick-Valve” reject unit and venturi nozzle.
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