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LUXOR A series dryers with ETA-process® and ETA plus® energy saving technology are specifically designed for supplying dried plastic granulate for many different plastics processing applications. They have either two or three fully insulated stationary desiccant beds with separate process and regeneration blowers which provide consistently low dew-point air to the process, while reducing energy consumption.
The advanced LUXOR A series consists of ten models with drying capacities from 80 to 2400 m3/h. Each advanced system dryer can be flexibly combined with all LUXORBIN A drying bins from 15 to 2400 litres. In addition, motan offers a range of extra-large drying bins with volumes from 3,000 to 13,000 litres. These are also available with gas heating. All motan system drying bins are made of stainless steel, are completely insulated, and have individual heating as well as temperature control.
All LUXOR A drying systems have a LUXORnet control and utilise modern, flexible Bus-technology. As standard, LUXORnet manages the dry air generator, 16 drying bins, and up to 24 machine hopper loaders. The integration of dry-air conveying, line purging, as well as manual and automatic manifold stations provide maximum flexibility and productivity.

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