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Analytical Balance

  • Analtyical Balance (210g with 0.1mg Resolution)
  • Large blue backlighting 120*55mm LCD screen.
  • With the sensor technology of German STL Software, it supports multi-point calibration and has more stable performance.
  • The windshield of all around antistatic coating can effectively shield electrostatic interference.
  • Electromagnetic balance sensor.
  • External/Internal Calibration.
  • 4-Level shockproof.
  • Counting function.
  • The built-in rs232 standard interface can connect to printer or computer.
  • Units: Carat, ounce and gram


Model JSAB2104B
Maximum Capacity 0-210g
Readability 0.1mg
Pan Size Ø80mm
Dimension/N.W 350*215*340mm/8kg
Standard Accessories Adapter, Manual, and Dust Cover.

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