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Checkweigher SC-IXL-Series


Our Checkweigher for Small Packages can be used in various industries including bakery, meat, seafood, snack food, etc. It can accurately reject the underweight or overweight products which are not in compliance with weight standard. On-line high-speed, high-sensitivity, high-stability dynamic weight detection system, which is suitable for packaging product weight detection to ensure quality standards. Widely used in online weight check for food, medicine, consumable and other industries.

Advantages of checkweigher

  1. High speed, high sensitivity, high stability dynamic weight checking
  2. Buckle design, easy to clean, simple to disassemble 3.7-inch touch screen, user-friendly function
  3. Multi language Data storage
  4. Large memory capacity
  5. Accurate and efficient rejecter system
  6. Brief user parameter setting, easy for operation
  7. Good environmental adaptability and stability

Importance of using checkweigher:

  1. Checkweighers ensure accurate weight in production, avoiding issues with underweight or overweight products.
  2. Checkweigher save costs by identifying production problems early, reducing material wastage and improving efficiency.
  3. Compliance with regulations is crucial, preventing fines and legal problems in industries like food and pharmaceuticals.
  4. When using checkweigher Inventory control is made easier, preventing operational disruptions from understocking or overstocking.
  5. Checkweigher prevent underfilling and overfilling, maintaining customer satisfaction and controlling production costs.
  6. Data collection aids process improvement by providing insights into production trends in this checkweigher.
  7. This checkweigher include batch consistency is maintained, ensuring uniformity in product weight from one batch to another.
  8. Brand reputation benefits from accuracy, promoting customer trust and loyalty using checkweigher.


Checkweighers are crucial in small package production for the following reasons:

  1. Quality Assurance: They guarantee that each small package meets weight standards, ensuring consistent product quality.
  2. Compliance: Checkweighers help companies adhere to strict weight regulations in industries like food and pharmaceuticals, reducing the risk of legal issues and fines.
  3. Cost Control: These tools identify production issues early, like incorrect filling levels, minimizing material wastage and improving cost-efficiency.
  4. Inventory Management: Checkweighers prevent understocking or overstocking of small packages, ensuring smooth operations and resource allocation.
  5. Consistency: Small packages often contain precise quantities. Checkweighers prevent underfilling or overfilling, maintaining customer satisfaction and controlling costs.
  6. Efficiency: By automating weight verification, checkweighers streamline production, reducing the need for manual inspection and increasing throughput.
  7. Data Collection: They provide insights by recording data, helping identify trends and areas for process improvement.
  8. Brand Reputation: Ensuring customers receive the correct package quantities builds trust and fosters brand loyalty.


Certainly, here are concise points about checkweighers in small package production:

  1. Versatility: Checkweighers handle diverse small packages, from light to heavy items.
  2. Quality Assurance: They identify and remove non-compliant packages, ensuring product accuracy.
  3. Instant Feedback: Modern checkweighers offer real-time alerts for weight deviations, enabling quick corrections.
  4. Maintenance: checkweigher regular upkeep is vital for precise readings; manufacturers provide maintenance guidelines.
  5. Integration: Checkweighers seamlessly integrate into production systems for enhanced efficiency.
  6. Adaptability: Quick adjustments accommodate product or packaging changes, reducing downtime.
  7. Reporting: Checkweighers generate valuable reports for quality control, compliance, and audits.
  8. Hygiene Compliance: In food production, checkweigher meet strict hygiene standards and are easy to clean.
  9. Layout Planning: Proper integration considers layout of checkweigher for smooth product flow and maintenance access.
  10. Training: Adequate training of checkweigher ensures correct operation and equipment longevity.
  11. ROI Evaluation: Businesses should assess ROI, factoring in waste reduction, efficiency gains, and enhanced product quality for increased sales and customer loyalty using checkweigher.



Model SC-IXL-160 SC-IXL-230S SC-IXL-230L SC-IXL-300 SC-IXL-400
Detecting Range 10~600g 20~2000g 20~2000g 20~5000g 0.2~10kg
Scale Interval 0.05g 0.1g 0.1g 0.2g 1g
Accuracy (3σ) ±0.1g ±0.2g ±0.2g ±0.5g ±1g
Detecting Speed 250pcs/min 200pcs/min 155pcs/min 140pcs/min 105pcs/min
Belt Speed 70m/min 70m/min 70m/min 70m/min 70m/min
The weighed product size Width 150mm 220mm 220mm 290mm 390mm
Length 200mm 250mm 350mm 400mm 500mm
Weigher platform size Width 160mm 230mm 230mm 300mm 400mm
Length 280mm 350mm 450mm 500mm 650mm
Operation Screen 7-inch Touch LCD Screen
Product Storage Quantity 100 kinds
Segments Number of Sorting 2 or 3
Rejecter Rejector Optional
Power Supply 220V (Optional)
Degree of Protection IP30/IP54/IP66
Body Material Stainless Steel(SUS304)


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