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Ci4100 Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer



The Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer compact benchtop spectrophotometer is a state-of-the-art device designed to set a new standard in performance and features for retail paint matching. This easy-to-use, compact sphere spectrophotometer counter top solution is specifically engineered to enhance the accuracy of paint formulation. Serving as a reliable and accurate foundation for operations, the Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer is tailored to improve both the speed and precision of paint formulation processes. Its robust design is well-suited for the challenging retail environment.

Noteworthy features include an optional remote foot pedal for hands-free operation, making it convenient for users. The device is compatible with color designer plus software, offering an ideal solution for formulating and storing paint color recipes. Additionally, the Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer provides a correlated 60⁰ gloss value, ensuring compliance with ASTM standards and accommodating both matte and glossy samples. The sample arm of the spectrophotometer is designed for easy targeting, facilitating accurate measurements.

The led screen on the Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer offers operators real-time feedback on instrument status and operation. This spectrophotometer provides visual cues regarding calibration requirements and signals whether service is needed. The Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer is also known for its good inter-instrument agreement when compared to X-Rite handheld sphere spectrophotometers, ensuring consistency and reliability in measurements.


Benefits Ci4100 Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer:


Enhanced efficiency: this spectrophotometer has fast and precise measurements streamline paint formulation processes, improving overall operational efficiency.

Versatility in sample handling: the benchtop spectrophotometer Ci4100’s correlated 60⁰ gloss value accommodates both matte and glossy samples, offering flexibility for diverse paint types and finishes.

Simplified operation: the spectrophotometer is user-friendly design, featuring a sample arm for easy targeting, simplifies the measurement process and enhances overall usability.

Hands-free operation: this spectrophotometer has an optional remote foot pedal allows for hands-free operation, freeing users to concentrate on other aspects of the formulation process.

Real-time instrument feedback: the led screen of the spectrophotometer provides instant updates on instrument status, operation, and maintenance needs, enabling proactive upkeep.

Consistency across devices: this spectrophotometer can demonstrate good inter-instrument agreement with X-Rite handheld sphere spectrophotometers ensures reliable and consistent measurements across different devices.


Advantages Ci4100 Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer:

  • The Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer ensures fast and accurate measurements, enhancing efficiency in paint formulation.
  • This spectrophotometer correlated 60⁰ gloss value enables handling of both matte and glossy samples, ensuring versatility.
  • The sample arm is designed for easy targeting, simplifying the measurement process for user convenience when using this spectrophotometer.
  • An optional remote foot pedal of the spectrophotometer allows hands-free operation, enhancing overall operational convenience.
  • The led screen of the spectrophotometer provides real-time feedback on instrument status, operation, and maintenance needs.
  • This spectrophotometer can demonstrate good inter-instrument agreement, the Ci4100 benchtop spectrophotometer ensures consistency in measurements with X-Rite handheld sphere spectrophotometers.

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