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EDX1800B XRF (RoHS Desktop Spectrometer)

EDX1800B XRF Spectrometer (ROHS Desktop Spectrometer)


This XRF spectrometer is specifically designed for ROHS analysis and quality control, enabling manufacturers to comply with ROHS/WEEE directives by quickly and non-destructively screening products for hazardous substances.

General Info
EDX1800B X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is specifically designed for RoHS analysis and quality control. Manufacturers seeking compliance with RoHS / WEEE directive can quickly and non-destructively screen their products for Hazardous substances and ensure the safety of their products with great benefit.

  • Specifically developed for RoHS testing: Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium and other hazardous elements
  • Automatic collimators and filters
  • Built-in SNE (Signal to Noise Enhancer)
  • Intelligent RoHS analytical software
  • Optional Plating-thickness analysis software
  • Variable non-linear regression

  • Application Fields
  • RoHS and Thickness measurement of metal plating
  • Manufacturers who need to comply with RoHS Directive
  • Electroplating industry
  • Product Application & Test Results
    Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Analysis
    Mining/Mineral Analysis
    Plating Thickness Test
    Precious Metals Analysis


    Features of The XRF Spectrometer:

    • XRF spectrometer specifically developed for ROHS testing detects lead (pb), mercury (hg), cadmium (cd), hexavalent chromium, and other hazardous elements.
    • Automatic collimators and filters in XRF spectrometer for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
    • XRF spectrometer have built-in SNE (signal to noise enhancer) improves signal processing ability up to 25 times.
    • Intelligent XRF spectrometer ROHS analytical software for precise analysis.
    • Optional plating-thickness in XRF spectrometer analysis software for additional functionality.
    • Variable non-linear regression for flexible data analysis using XRF spectrometer.


    Application Fields of The XRF Spectrometer:

    • XRF spectrometer ROHS and thickness measurement of metal plating.
    • Manufacturers needing XRF spectrometer to comply with ROHS directive.
    • XRF spectrometer for electroplating industry.


    Advantages of Using XRF Spectrometer:

    • The XRF spectrometer helps manufacturers comply with ROHS/WEEE directives efficiently.
    • XRF spectrometer enables quick and non-destructive screening for hazardous substances.
    • Utilizes x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology for non-destructive testing using XRF spectrometer.
    • XRF spectrometer enhances accuracy and precision with automatic collimators and filters.
    • Improves signal processing ability by up to 25 times with SNE using XRF spectrometer.
    • Simplifies analysis with intelligent ROHS analytical software included in this XRF spectrometer.
    • Expands functionality with optional plating-thickness analysis software of XRF spectrometer.
    • XRF spectrometer offers flexibility in data analysis with variable non-linear regression.
    • This XRF spectrometer features user-friendly interface and ergonomic design for ease of use.


    Additional Information of XRF Spectrometer:

    • The EDX1800B XRF spectrometer is a new model reflecting extensive experience in ROHS testing and development.
    • XRF spectrometer features unique product configurations, fully functional software, an ergonomic design, and a user-friendly software interface.
    • The XRF spectrometer is designed to simplify the measurement process while meeting ROHS testing requirements effectively.


    Additional Information

    Measurable elements: Sulfur ( S ) – Uranium ( U )
    Limits of Detection: 1 ppm
    Analysis Range: ppm up to 99.999%
    Ambient temperature: 15°C-30°C
    Repeatability: 0.1%
    Energy Resolution: 160±5eV
    Power: AC 220V ± 5V or AC 110V ± 5V. AC purified voltage power supply
    Sample chamber size: 44cm x 30cm x 5cm
    Size: 55cm x 41cm x 32cm
    Weight: 45 kg

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