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EDX600 XRF (Precious Metals Desktop Spectrometer)

EDX600 XRF Spectrometer Precious Metals Desktop Spectrometer


The precious metals desktop edx600 XRF spectrometer offers a cost-effective solution for analyzing gold and other precious metals. Utilizing x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, it provides quick and non-destructive analysis of precious metal content. With its built-in signal to noise enhancer, the edx600 XRF spectrometer improves signal processing capacity, ensuring accurate results.


General Info
Gold and Precious Metals analysis doesn’t have to be expensive with EDX600. EDX600 Desktop XRF System comes with everything you need to start using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for quick and non-destructive XRF Precious Metals Analysis.

  • Specialized testing of gold and precious metals
  • Built-in Signal to Noise Enhancer improves signal processing capacity
  • Intelligent analytical software for precious metal
  • Karat weight and elemental identification
  • Independent matrix effect correction
  • Multi-variable non-linear regression

  • Application Fields
  • Content determination of precious metals such as Au, Pt, Ag, etc. and jewelry
  • Precious metal and jewelry processing industries
  • Banks, jewelry stores and PMI testing facilities
  • Sample stand chamber for small items e.g. jewelry.
    Application Fields
    Content determination of precious metals such as Au, Pt, Ag and others. For industries that deal with in precious metals, jewelry and ornaments, processing industries e.g. Banks, jewelry/ornament stores and detection institution e.g. Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing facilities.


    Features of XRF Spectrometer:

    • XRF spectrometer is specialized testing of gold and precious metals.
    • XRF spectrometer have built-in signal to noise enhancer for improved signal processing.
    • Intelligent analytical software tailored for precious metal analysis included in this XRF spectrometer.
    • Karat weight determination and elemental identification can be done using this XRF spectrometer.
    • This XRF spectrometer is independent matrix effect correction for precise measurements.
    • This XRF spectrometer has multi-variable non-linear regression for enhanced analysis.


    Application Fields of The XRF Spectrometer:

    The EDX600 XRF spectrometer is ideal for content determination of precious metals such as au, pt, ag, and others. It serves industries involved in precious metal and jewelry processing, including banks, jewelry stores, and positive material identification (PMI) testing facilities.


    Top Features of The XRF Spectrometer:

    Specialized testing:
    The EDX600 XRF spectrometer is tailored for precise analysis of gold and precious metals.

    Enhanced signal processing:
    The XRF spectrometer built-in signal to noise enhancer ensures clear and reliable results.

    Intelligent software:
    XRF spectrometer is easy-to-use analytical software simplifies karat weight and elemental identification.

    Versatile applications:
    This XRF spectrometer suitable for jewelry processing, banking, and PMI testing facilities.

    Cost-effective solution:
    Enjoy quality XRF spectrometer analysis at an affordable price point.

    User-friendly design:
    Ergonomic layout and intuitive interface of the XRF spectrometer make measurements effortless.

    Precise measurements:
    XRF spectrometer is practical proportional counter delivers accurate metal compositions and plating thickness readings.

    The Advantages of Using EDX600 XRF Spectrometer:

    Provides an affordable solution for precious metal analysis using XRF spectrometer, making it accessible to a wider range of users and industries.

    Accuracy and precision:
    XRF spectrometer offers precise and reliable measurements of gold and other precious metals, ensuring accuracy in content determination and elemental identification.

    Non-destructive analysis:
    Utilizes non-destructive x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, allowing users to analyze precious metals without damaging the samples.

    Efficiency and speed:
    XRF spectrometer delivers quick measurements, enhancing productivity and efficiency in various applications such as jewelry processing, banking, and PMI testing facilities.

    User-friendly interface:
    Features an intuitive software interface and ergonomic design, XRF spectrometer making it easy to operate and providing a seamless user experience.

    XRF spectrometer suitable for a wide range of industries and applications including jewelry manufacturing, banking, and precious metal recycling.

    Comprehensive analysis:
    Offers specialized testing for gold and precious metals, with features such as karat weight determination and independent matrix effect correction in XRF spectrometer.

    Quality assurance:
    XRF spectrometer helps maintain quality standards through built-in quality control features and the ability to generate detailed reports or certificates for analytical results.



    Measurable elements: Cu, Au, Pt, Pd, Ag
    Measurement accuracy: 0.05%
    Repeatability: 0.1%
    Ambient temperature: 15°C-30°C
    Ambient humidity -70%
    Test time: 60-100s
    Power: AC 220V ± 5V or AC 110V ± 5V
    Detector Proportional Counter X-Ray Detector
    Configuration: Single Sample Chamber, CCD Camera, X-Ray tube, Amplifier Circuit, High Voltage Power Supply

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