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The ELCON Plate Type Metal Detector is a cutting-edge solution designed for seamless integration into conveyor belts and material chutes, offering unparalleled precision in detecting both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination. Whether enclosed within the product or not, ELCON guarantees efficient identification, reducing the risk of machinery failure and minimizing production downtime.


Key Features of The Metal Detector:

Versatile metal detection: ELCON metal detector is capable of detecting a wide range of metal contaminants, providing comprehensive protection for machinery used in industries such as plastics, chemicals, and wood processing.

Enhanced product quality: By swiftly metal detector identifying metal impurities, ELCON ensures the integrity of your products, preventing defects and potential customer complaints.

Cost-effective operation: ELCON’s metal detector flat design facilitates easy integration into conveyor belts and production lines without the need for a metal-free zone. The result is a quick return on investment and minimal disruption to operations.

Adaptable configuration: The auto-set (auto-teach function) or manual product compensation options of the metal detector allow for improved adaptation to the intrinsic conductivity of the product being inspected, ensuring accuracy in metal detection.

User-friendly operation: With preinstalled parameters and a full-graphic lcd module, ELCON metal detector offers easy operation. The product memory for ten products, three of which are preset, further streamlines the inspection process.

Maintenance-free design: ELCON’s metal detector electronic components are maintenance-free, eliminating the need for constant readjustment and ensuring continuous, reliable performance.

Robust construction: Designed to withstand electromagnetic pollution, vibrations, and conveyor belt distortions, ELCON metal detector maintains a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring precise metal detection in challenging environments.


The Advantages of The Metal Detector:

  • ELCONmetal detector offers comprehensive metal detection, identifying both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants, providing protection across various industries.
  • It swiftly identifies metal impurities, ensuring product integrity and reducing the risk of defects and customer complaints.
  • With a flat design, ELCONmetal detector easily integrates into conveyor belts and production lines, eliminating the need for a metal-free zone, ensuring cost-effective operations.
  • The auto-set or manual product compensation options of the metal detector enhance adaptation to the intrinsic conductivity of the inspected product, ensuring accurate metal detection.
  • ELCONmetal detector is user-friendly, featuring preinstalled parameters, a full-graphic LCD module, and a product memory for streamlined operations.
  • Its maintenance-free electronic components reduce the need for constant readjustment, ensuring continuous and reliable performance.
  • This metal detector designed to withstand electromagnetic pollution, vibrations, and conveyor belt distortions, ELCONmaintains a high signal-to-noise ratio for precise metal detection in challenging environments.
  • ELCON’s metal detector scope of delivery includes a plate type metal detector and a control unit (PRIMUS+), providing a comprehensive metal detection solution.
  • Optional accessories of the metal detector, such as an optical and acoustic signal system, digital incident counter, conveyor stop and turning prevention control, and UL/CSA certification, offer customization options.
  • ELCONmetal detector is versatile, suitable for various industries, including plastics, chemicals, and wood processing, making it ideal for different manufacturing environments.
  • Efficiently protecting machinery, ELCONmetal detector safeguards granulates, shredders, hocks, crushers, calendars, and more, preventing costly failures and minimizing production downtime.
  • Security features of the metal detector, including an integrated logbook and individually settable password protection, enhance security and traceability in metal detection operations.


Metal Detector Scope of Delivery:

– ELCON Plate Type Metal Detector

– Control Unit PRIMUS+


Optional Accessories of The Metal Detector:

– Optical and acoustic signal system

– Digital incident counter

– Conveyor stop and turning prevention control

– UL/CSA Certification


Metal Detector Applications:

ELCON Metal detector finds its application in a variety of industries, including:

– Plastics Industry and In-House Recycling

– Chemical Industry

– Wood Industry



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