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Introducing the Plate Type Metal Detector (ELS), a state-of-the-art solution meticulously crafted for seamless integration into conveyor belts and material chutes. This innovative device sets a new standard in metal contamination detection, excelling in identifying both magnetic and non-magnetic metals, even when enclosed within the product.


Key Features of The Metal Detector:

Comprehensive detection: Metal detector detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, ensuring a thorough inspection process.

Industry versatility: This metal detector has ideal for applications in the plastics, recycling, wood, chemical, textile, and building industries.

Robust design: The sturdy and solid construction guarantees high noise immunity of the metal detector, enhancing reliability in diverse operating environments.

Improved adaptation: Features an auto-set (auto-teach function) or manual product compensation of the metal detector for enhanced adaptation to the intrinsic conductivity of the inspected product.

User-friendly operation: The metal detector simple integration into conveyor belts and production lines, with preinstalled parameters that streamline operation.

Enhanced sensitivity: Metal detector’s high scanning sensitivity to all metals ensures the detection of even the smallest metal particles.

Efficient maintenance: This metal detector maintenance-free electronic components eliminate the need for readjustment.


Advantages of The Metal Detector:

Comprehensive Metal Detection: Metal detector Detects both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants for thorough material inspection.

Versatility Across Industries: Metal detector Designed for plastics, recycling, wood, chemical, textile, and building industries, offering a versatile solution.

Machinery Protection: Safeguards granulates, shredders, hocks, crushers, calenders, and more from metal-related damage.

Reduction in Downtime: Metal detector Minimizes production downtime by preventing expensive machinery failures, enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Product Quality: Metal detector Eliminates metal contaminants, reducing defects and customer complaints for superior product quality.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI): Metal detector Achieves cost-effectiveness, breaking even within a short period with tangible business benefits.

Sturdy and Solid Design: Robust construction ensures high noise immunity, providing reliability in challenging environments.

High Scanning Sensitivity: Metal detector Offers heightened sensitivity to all metals, including small particles, ensuring accurate detection.

User-Friendly Operation: Integrates easily into conveyor belts and production lines with simplified operation for user convenience.

Adaptive Technology: Features auto-set or manual product compensation of the Metal detector for improved adaptation to intrinsic conductivity.

Efficient Maintenance: Metal detector Maintenance-free electronic components eliminate frequent readjustments, reducing overall ownership costs.

Advanced Display and Controls: LCD module and membrane keys of the Metal detector provide a user-friendly interface for system parameters and adjustments.

Customization Options: Adjustable metal impulse and delay times, product memory, and integrated logbook offer flexibility.

Security Features: Password protection of the Metal detector ensures data integrity and protects against unauthorized access.

Certification Options: Optional UL/CSA Certification enhances credibility and compliance with industry standards.

Scalable Options: Additional accessories of the Metal detector, such as optical/acoustic signal systems and digital incident counters, provide scalability.


Additional Performance Features of The Metal Detector:

LCD Display: System parameters of the Metal detector are easily viewable through the full-graphic LCD module.

Customization: the Metal detector Adjustable metal impulse and delay times cater to specific operational requirements.

Product Memory: the Metal detector Stores parameters for ten products, three of which come preset for added convenience.

Logbook Integration: An integrated logbook simplifies record-keeping.

Security Features: Password protection of the Metal detector can be individually set, ensuring data integrity and system security.


Metal Detector Scope of Delivery:

– Plate Type Detector ELS

– Control Unit PRIMUS+


Options/Accessories of The Metal Detector:

– Optical and acoustic signal system

– Digital incident counter

– Conveyor stop and turning prevention control

– UL/CSA Certification

– Additional options available upon request


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