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MA-5 QC Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer


MA-5 QC Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer

The MA-T12, MA-T6, and MA-5 QC spectrophotometer are the most sophisticated multi-angle spectrophotometers currently on the market. They combine color imaging with multi-angle technology in this spectrophotometer to provide accurate color measurements on special effect paints and finishes. These spectrophotometer tools reduce production, assembly, and paint line downtime, lower scrap rates, and provide quick root cause investigation when color issues are found.

Our multi-angle spectrophotometers deliver accurate qc to streamline procedures and speed up production when used in conjunction with EFX QC software, which also communicates color standards and tolerances across complicated supply chains. To find the ideal portable spectrophotometer for your company, browse the selections we have provided below or get in touch with our experts.

Utilize MA-5 QC spectrophotometer to Collect Actionable Color Data for Special Effect Finishes.
The cost-effective MA-5 QC spectrophotometer is a tiny and lightweight spectrophotometer that uses 5 measurement angles to assure color harmony on metallic colors and effect finishes. It was designed with quality control managers in mind. In order to reduce needless rework and hasten time to market, the MA-5 QC can detect color flaws early in the manufacturing process, on the car production floor, in the lab, and in the field.

The MA-5 QC spectrophotometer measures curved surfaces including rear bumpers, door handles, and car mirror bodies 60% faster, 50% lighter, and 40% more compactly than any other five-angle color measurement spectrophotometer device on the market thanks to strategically placed optics at the tip and position indicator LEDs. This spectrophotometer records data in less than 2.5 seconds and achieves >95% reproducibility within 0.16ΔdE when evaluated on 196 samples that included solid, metallic, and pearlescent effects. Even for automated tasks, this spectrophotometer can be configured to swiftly gather several data points.

The straightforward touch screen data display displays green and red pass/fail tolerance signals and a first-to-market on-screen temperature preview to determine whether sample temperature is impacting color data. The EFX QC software can be used with the MA-5 QC spectrophotometer to easily evaluate data.


Why Our Spectrophotometer:

  • Uses indicator lights to make sure the spectrophotometer is always positioned correctly on the sample.
  • With our spectrophotometer you can measures quickly in less than 2.5 seconds.
  • When tested on 196 paints with solid, metallic, and pearlescent effects, this spectrophotometer provides greater than 95% repeatability within 0.16 de.
  • When set up for automatic tasks in our spectrophotometer, quickly gathers several data points.
  • Uses an automated optical shutter in the spectrophotometer to keep dirt out of the gadget.


Analyze data with ease using our spectrophotometer:

  • Using our spectrophotometer can saves time by offering quick data output, one-click reporting, and a user-friendly touch screen interface.
  • Uses the industry’s first on-screen temperature preview to determine whether the sample’s temperature is having an impact on the color data.
  • This spectrophotometer offers pass/fail tolerance lights in green and red for fail-proof examination.
  • In this spectrophotometer has a solid understanding of old data for ma68ii and ma94 compatibility.
  • Our spectrophotometer allows for simple migration by integrating with current digital standards.
  • This spectrophotometer comes with a docking station that can easily connect to a pc and recharge the gadget.


The Benefits of The MA Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers:

Enhanced efficiency: these spectrophotometers optimize production processes, reducing downtime and assembly delays, leading to cost savings.

Reduced waste: accurate color measurements lower scrap rates, minimizing material and product wastage, contributing to cost-efficiency using spectrophotometers.

Quick issue resolution: rapid root cause investigations ensure prompt resolution of color discrepancies, minimizing disruptions in production when using spectrophotometers.

Streamlined supply chain: with efx qc software of spectrophotometers, they facilitate consistent communication of color standards across complex supply chains, ensuring product quality.

Cost-effective quality control: spectrophotometers detect color flaws early, preventing rework, and accelerating time to market, resulting in significant cost savings.

Compact and versatile: the ma-5 qc spectrophotometer is a lightweight and compact solution for measuring curved surfaces, ideal for quality control managers.

User-friendly interface: a straightforward touch screen interface simplifies data analysis with pass/fail signals and on-screen temperature assessment in this spectrophotometer.

Efficient data analysis: quick data output, one-click reporting, and compatibility with previous ma-series data make analysis efficient and user-friendly.

Low maintenance: an automated optical shutter minimizes dirt entry, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring long-term reliability.

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