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The SPECTROCOLOR G is a synchronous gravimetric dosing station based on the loss-in-weight principle. Its excellent short and long term dosing accuracy ensures you the process reliability you need for continuous manufacturing.
Our unique gravity-mixing principle offers you a high consistency of mix for all the components before they reach the extruder. This plays a key role in guaranteeing you perfect plasticization and homogenization of the materials.
SPECTROCOLOR G doses and mixes all easy to normal flowing granular materials. Up to six dosing modules, optionally with a component for free-flowing material, support both flood-fed and starve-fed extrusion.


SPECTROCOLOR G is a continuous gravimetric dosing and mixing station that meets the highest homogeneity requirements. It is designed for continuous 24/7, maintenance-free operation.
The unit is based on the loss-in-weight principle. Each component is weighed individually and dosed in absolute weights. Continuous operation with synchronous dosing of materials guarantees a constant mixture in the collecting bin that is exactly in line with the recipe.
SPECTROCOLOR G boasts a robust, compact design and is available in three sizes each with up to six dosing modules. Each module has its own load cell and is designed for throughputs from 0.2 to 1200 kg/h.
SPECTROCOLOR G has been designed for deployment in all demanding, continuous production processes. In particular, for extrusion applications, such as blown film, profile & pipe, film & sheet, cable coating, fibre and for compounding applications, such as tailor-made masterbatches.

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