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Multi-Tray Weight Sorting Machine




This sorting machine can weigh the products in the trays dynamically and sort them into different places and speed of sorting can be adjust.

Target of Designing

· To help people who are in need of grading and to increase working efficiency
· Mostly used in meat, fishery, fruit and vegetable industries
· For the high speed production lines, such as checking meat grind which requires 300pcs per minute
· 6-16 levels of grades to meet requirements of the needs of most customers
· Multiple sizes of trays for different types products
· Double scales for sticky products


Additional Inofrmation

Multi-tray Weight Sorting Machine Small Big
Grade of Weight 8 grade 16 grade 8 grade 12 grade
Quantifying Precision ±1% ±2%
Seperation Capacity 300ppm 200ppm
Weighing Range 2~500g 5~1000g
Supply Voltage AC, 220V Single phase alternating current (AC), 220V ±10%, 450W
Power Dissipation 400W
Machine Material SUS304 stainless steel & food grade resin SUS304 stainless steel & food grade resin
Size of Machine (L × W × H) 4200mm × 700mm × 1500mm (operating altitude:800 ~ 950mm) 5200mm × 700mm × 1500mm (operating altitude:800 ~ 950mm)
Weight 350kg 450kg
Protection Grade IP66 IP66
Applicable Products chicken wing roots, wing, leg, abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp, fish, etc. large pieces of meat, fish, etc.
Scale Number 1 1
Tray Size length: 170mm / 190mm / 220mm ; width: 95mm length: 300m ; width: 150mm

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