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Multi-Tray Weight Sorting Machine



Our checkweigher is a dynamic weight sorting equipment is a device, which sorts the products automatically with a high speed and a high accuracy according to their weights ranged by the user´s requirements, which is widely used in seafood, poultry, aquatic products, frozen products, etc.


The Benefits of Using a Checkweigher in Different Industries:


  1. Guaranteeing product quality and adherence to weight specifications using our checkweigher.
  2. by using our checkweigher you can ensure product uniformity and satisfying customer demands.
  3. Optimizing cost-efficiency and labor utilization.
  4. Reducing waste by identifying and segregating non-compliant items.
  5. Facilitating data gathering and traceability for quality control included in this checkweigher.
  6. Adapting to different product sizes, enhancing versatility.
  7. Increasing production efficiency when integrated into assembly lines by using our checkweigher.
  8. Tailoring to unique product needs and specifications for customization.


A Checkweigher is Essential in Various Industries:


  1. This checkweigher will ensuring product quality and compliance with weight specifications.
  2. Maintaining consistency and customer satisfaction when using our checkweigher.
  3. Reducing labor costs and improving efficiency when choose to use checkweigher.
  4. Our checkweigher can minimizing waste by identifying underweight or overweight items.
  5. Enabling data collection and traceability for quality assurance using our checkweigher.
  6. Scalability to accommodate various product sizes option included in this checkweigher.
  7. Enhancing productivity by integrating into production lines by using this checkweigher.
  8. Customizability to meet specific product requirements using our checkweigher.


Advantages of Choosing Our Checkweigher:


  1. Our checkweigher comes with high speed, high sensitivity, high stability
  2. Replacing labor sorting, saving cost, improving efficiency and optimizing the production process with our checkweigher.
  3. Using checkweigher can reduce human exposure to products and meet food HACCP safety requirements
  4. The grading section quantity can be freely set as required in the checkweigher
  5. Touch screen operation, user-friendly checkweigher machine
  6. Detailed log function, convenient for QC to use our checkweigher
  7. Stainless steel and alloy frame, good environmental adaptability and stability with our checkweigher


Various Aspects of Using Checkweighers in Small Package Production


Versatility: Checkweighers handle diverse small packages, from light to heavy items.

Quality Assurance: They identify and remove non-compliant packages, ensuring product accuracy.

Instant Feedback: Modern checkweighers offer real-time alerts for weight deviations, enabling quick corrections.

Integration: Checkweighers seamlessly integrate into production systems for enhanced efficiency.

Adaptability: Quick adjustments accommodate product or packaging changes, reducing downtime.

Reporting: Checkweighers generate valuable reports for quality control, compliance, and audits.

Hygiene Compliance: In food production, checkweigher meet strict hygiene standards and are easy to clean.

Layout Planning: Proper integration considers layout using checkweigher for smooth product flow and maintenance access.

Training: Adequate training of checkweigher ensures correct operation and equipment longevity.

ROI Evaluation: Businesses should assess ROI, factoring in waste reduction, efficiency gains, and enhanced product quality for increased sales and customer loyalty.



Multi-tray Weight Sorting Machine Small Big
Grade of Weight 8 grade 16 grade 8 grade 12 grade
Quantifying Precision ±1% ±2%
Seperation Capacity 300ppm 200ppm
Weighing Range 2~500g 5~1000g
Supply Voltage AC, 220V Single phase alternating current (AC), 220V ±10%, 450W
Power Dissipation 400W
Machine Material SUS304 stainless steel & food grade resin SUS304 stainless steel & food grade resin
Size of Machine (L × W × H) 4200mm × 700mm × 1500mm (operating altitude:800 ~ 950mm) 5200mm × 700mm × 1500mm (operating altitude:800 ~ 950mm)
Weight 350kg 450kg
Protection Grade IP66 IP66
Applicable Products chicken wing roots, wing, leg, abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp, fish, etc. large pieces of meat, fish, etc.
Scale Number 1 1
Tray Size length: 170mm / 190mm / 220mm ; width: 95mm length: 300m ; width: 150mm

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