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Precision Balance 1000/3000g with 10mg


The Precision Balance is a state-of-the-art weighing instrument designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in diverse applications. Featuring enhanced reaction and fixed-point speeds, precision balance unique metal base and mechanical construction ensure exceptional stability and anti-interference performance. With versatile functions including multi-units conversion, parts counting, and animal weighing, alongside an RS232C output interface for seamless connectivity, this balance offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Engineered with precision in mind, precision balance provides reliable and rapid measurements, making precision balance an indispensable tool for laboratories, industrial facilities, and commercial operations seeking dependable weighing solutions.


Key Features of The Precision Balance:

Enhanced Reaction Speed: The redesigned precision balance ensures rapid response times, minimizing waiting periods during measurements.

Fixed-Point Speed: Stable and precise measurements can be achieved swiftly with precision balance, even at fixed points.

Metal Base and Mechanical Construction: Constructed with a durable metal base and robust mechanical components, precision balance providing exceptional stability and resistance to external interference.

Versatile Functions: precision balance Offers a range of functions including multi-units conversion, parts counting, and animal weighing, making it adaptable to various applications.

RS232C Output Interface: precision balance Equipped with an RS232C interface for seamless connectivity with external devices such as computers or printers, allowing for efficient data transfer and documentation.


Model JSPB10002 JSPB30002
Weighing Range 0~1000g 0~3000g
Readability                                                                                                     10mg
Dimension/N.W                                                                                      280*200*60mm/1.8kg
Standard Accessories                                                                        Adapter, Manual, and Dust Cover


Additional Features of The Precision Balance:

Units of Measurement: precision balance Supports various units of measurement such as grams (g), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz), pounds (lb), etc.

Tare Function: precision balance for the subtraction of the weight of containers or other items, facilitating accurate measurements of contents.

Overload Protection: Built-in safeguards of the precision balance protect the balance from damage due to overloading.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface of the precision balance with easy-to-use controls for seamless operation.

Data Logging: Capability to store and recall measurement data for record-keeping purposes.

Compatibility: precision balance Compatible with industry standards and regulations, ensuring reliability and compliance.


The Importance of Using The Precision Balance:

Enhanced measurement accuracy: precision balance Ensures precise and reliable measurements, reducing errors and improving outcomes.

Efficient workflow: precision balance Provides quick and stable results, streamlining time-sensitive processes.

Versatile applications: Supports a wide range of weighing needs, making precision balance a cost-effective multi-purpose tool.

Durable construction: Robust design minimizes maintenance and downtime, ensuring consistent performance.

Seamless data management: RS232C interface of the precision balance facilitates easy data transfer and integration, enhancing traceability and compliance.

Increased productivity: Contributes to higher efficiency and productivity in professional settings.

Quality control: precision balance Assists in maintaining high standards and adherence to industry regulations through precise measurements.


Applications of The Precision Balance:

– Laboratory
– Industrial
– Commercial
– Educational

Package Contents of The Precision Balance:

– Precision Balance
– AC Adapter
– User Manual

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