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Protector Primus


Ensure the integrity and efficiency of your plastic processing machinery with the PROTECTOR PRIMUS metal detector. This advanced solution is designed for extrudes, injection molding, and blow molding machines, detecting and separating both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants.


Key Features Of The Metal Detector:

  1. Comprehensive detection:
  • This metal detector excels in identifying steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more, even when enclosed in the product.
  1. Tool protection:
  • This metal detector swiftly identifies and separates metal contaminants, preventing damage to expensive tools and machinery.
  1. Quality assurance:
  • Metal detector crucial for maintaining product quality by eliminating metal impurities, meeting industry standards and avoiding customer complaints.
  1. Cost-effective operation:
  • Metal detector offers a rapid return on investment, reducing the financial burden of machinery repairs and downtime.
  1. Patent-registered technology:
  • This metal detector secure and reproducible operation, even with high quantities of grinding stock (dust), thanks to patented metal detector technology.
  1. User-friendly design:
  • Compact and space-saving, facilitating quick installation. Optional adapter plates cater to different conveyor and machine models. Operation is simplified with preset parameters, and users can choose in the metal detector for auto-set or manual product compensation.
  1. Quick-valve separation unit:
  • Metal detector can minimizes the loss of good material during the separation process.
  1. Closed system for contaminant rejection:
  • This metal detector efficiently ejects metal contaminants through a closed system, including a collecting tray and optional spiral coiled tube (2 m), ensuring a clean and organized separation process.


Benefits Of Metal Detector:

  • Guards machinery against breakdowns by swiftly identifying and removing metal contaminants with metal detector.
  • Metal detector reduces production downtime and disruptions from clogs in nozzles, filters, and hot channel systems.
  • This metal detector maintains superior product quality by eliminating both magnetic and non-magnetic impurities.
  • This metal detector ensures a swift return on investment by minimizing repair costs, downtime, and material losses.
  • Secures reliable and reproducible operation with patented technology for consistent performance.
  • This metal detector is user-friendly design offers options for auto-set or manual compensation with preset parameters.
  • Metal detector minimizes material loss during separation with the “Quick-valve” Unit and venturi nozzle.
  • Efficiently expels metal contaminants through a closed system, including a collecting tray.


Metal Detector Scope Of Delivery:

  • Protector Primus Metal detector
  • Remote Control Unit PRIMUS+


Additional Options/Accessories Of The Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector optical and audible signal for immediate alerting of contamination events.
  • Metal detector digital incident counter for tracking and monitoring contamination occurrences.
  • Air pressure monitoring of the metal detector to ensure consistent and effective operation.
  • Metal detectors design for bulk material temperature of up to 140˚ c, expanding the range of compatible materials.
  • Ul/csa certificate attesting to compliance with safety and performance standards.


Metal Detector Typical Application Areas:

Primarily used in the plastics industry, the protector primus serves as a reliable tool and machinery protection solution for extrudes, injection molding, and blow molding machines.

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