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Rapid Pro-Sense


The RAPID PRO-SENSE is a high-performance metal detector designed for free-fall applications, offering accurate inline detection and separation of both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination. It is particularly suitable for use in the production and compounding of plastic granulate. The metal detector is typically installed just before the material is filled into big bags, or silos. It also finds application in quality inspection within the incoming goods department of plastic-processing plants. The unit consists of key components such as an in feed system, detection coil, separation flap, waste rejection system, and a separation unit that is turn-able and removable.


The Benefits Of Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector ensures product purity by accurately detecting and removing metal contaminants in plastic granulate production.
  • Protects machines, reduces damage risks, and enhances operational reliability by using metal detector.
  • Metal detector minimizes production downtimes through quick and efficient metal contamination separation.
  • Results in cost savings by reducing maintenance, minimizing waste, and improving operational efficiency with metal detector.
  • Metal detector adaptable design caters to specific customer and material requirements for versatility.
  • This metal detector facilitates easy integration with low mounting height and standard connections.
  • This metal detector include high resolution frequency (HRF) technology ensures sensitivity to all metals, enhancing detection efficiency.
  • Metal detector user-friendly operation with features like multi-product memory and password protection.
  • Prevents customer complaints by consistently delivering metal-free products when using metal detector.
  • Metal detector meets industry standards with options like ATEX version and UL/CSA certification.
  • Using metal detector can contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing product waste in the production process.



The Importance Of Metal Detector:

Critical for quality assurance: Metal detector essential in ensuring the integrity of the final product by eliminating metal contaminants during plastic granulate production.

Preservation of machinery: Metal detector safeguards processing machines, reducing the risk of damage and enhancing operational reliability without redundancy.

Uninterrupted production flow: Metal detector is swift and effective separation of metal contaminants minimizes downtime, sustaining continuous and uninterrupted production processes.

Operational cost efficiency: Metal detector contributes to cost savings by minimizing maintenance costs, reducing material waste, and optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Tailored solutions for specific needs: Metal detector is adaptable design caters to unique customer and material requirements, providing a versatile and customized solution.

Seamless system integration: Facilitates of the metal detector is easy integration with existing systems through a low mounting height and standard connections, streamlining the installation process.

Optimized metal detection: High resolution frequency (HRF) technology of the metal detector can ensure optimal sensitivity to all metals, enhancing the efficiency of the metal detection process.

User-friendly interface: Metal detector simplifies operation with features like multi-product memory and password protection, ensuring ease of use and efficient control.

Customer confidence: Metal detector consistently delivering products free from metal contaminants ensures customer satisfaction and prevents potential dissatisfaction.

Regulatory adherence: Options like ATEX version and UL/CSA certification ensure compliance with industry standards, promoting regulatory adherence and safety using metal detector.

Environmental stewardship: Metal detector reduces product waste, aligning with environmentally responsible manufacturing practices and promoting sustainability.

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