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Raycon EX1


The RAYCON EX1 X-ray inspection system ensures efficient and reliable quality control in the food industry. With a high belt speed of up to 1.4 m/sec, x-ray inspection system  inspects up to 220 products per minute, detecting defects such as missing, broken, or deformed items. Durable core components, a tool-free maintenance design of x-ray inspection system, and an early warning system for X-ray source replacement contribute to its longevity. The compact and user-friendly system of the x-ray inspection system meets international food industry standards, operates with low power soft X-rays for safety, and features an Auto-Learn function for easy adaptation to new products. With a hygienic design, efficient service options, and a lifetime warranty, the RAYCON EX1 x-ray inspection system ensures compliance, traceability, and optimal performance in food inspection.




The system comprises the following main components:

(A) X-ray tube
This is where X-rays are electrically generated. The X-rays are emitted from the tube through a narrow slot and as a fan-shaped beam pass through the product to be inspected from back to front. Depending on the product height and density a part of the X-rays is absorbed by the product.

(B) X-ray beam

(C) Transport system
A PE flat belt (self guiding) uniformly transports the product to be inspected through the X-ray beam, which makes it possible to scan the product line-by-line.

(D) Detector unit
The linear detector line that is installed beside the conveyor belt converts the arriving X-rays into an electrical signal from which a
digital X-ray image is created.

(E) Industry-type PC
The PC is used to evaluate the images and to accurately control the reject systems.


Performance features

Detectability of different materials depending on their density


The Benefits Of X-Ray Inspection System:

  • High throughput with a speed of up to 1.4 m/sec, the x-ray inspection system inspecting up to 220 products per minute.
  • Durable components: 60 w x-ray source and 0.8 mm detector for reliability.
  • Early warning system for x-ray source replacement.
  • X-ray inspection system tool-free belt and curtain changes in minutes, minimizing downtime.
  • X-ray inspection system is reliable detection of missing, broken, or deformed products.
  • Compact design fits into any production line seamlessly.
  • The x-ray inspection system auto-learn function simplifies operation for quick adaptation to new products.
  • X-ray inspection system meets international food industry standards (ifs, brc, fssc 22000) for compliance.
  • User-friendly operation with a large touchscreen and intuitive features included in this x-ray inspection system.
  • X-ray inspection system operates with low power soft x-rays, ensuring safety for operators and organic products.
  • Hygienic design of x-ray inspection system with materials suitable for the food industry (ec1935/2004).
  • Efficient service with on-site and remote options for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lifetime warranty with the sesotec lifetime warranty package.
  • This x-ray inspection system have high detect-ability of various foreign bodies, including metals, glass, stones, bones, etc.
  • Optimal traceability and compliance package with a complete logbook and image archiving included in this x-ray inspection system.
  • This x-ray inspection system is ul/csa certified for safety standards.

Software Advantages

Evaluation software

  • The product inspection system is equipped with a high-performance industry-type PC with real-time operating system and sophisticated visualisation software.
  • The system is operated by way of a 10“ – LCD monitor with touch-screen.
  • X-ray images are evaluated by means of a product-specific visualisation software. Contaminated or defective products are detected and separated.

User Interface

  • Drag & Drop menus
    The operator receives a visual feedback instantly
    – Time saving
  • Menu guide
    The operator is guided by the software through necessary steps of product setup or troubleshooting
    – Time saving

Easiest and fastest product setup

  • Autolearn with 5 product samples only
    – Startup in less than 2 minutes
  • Retrain for automatic sensitivity adjustment.
  • Software increases/decreases sensitivity automatically due to operators command by just marking the x-ray image with fingers
    – Saves time consuming adjustments

Importance Of Using X-Ray Inspection System:

  • The raycon ex1 x-ray inspection system ensures food safety and compliance with international standards like ifs, brc, and fssc 22000.
  • It uses low-power soft x-rays, x-ray inspection system ensuring safety for operators and organic products, and is ul/csa certified.
  • The auto-learn function of the x-ray inspection system allows quick adaptation to new products, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • The x-ray inspection system tool-free maintenance, early warning for x-ray source replacement, and rapid changes minimize downtime.
  • Efficient traceability of the x-ray inspection system is ensured through a comprehensive logbook and image archiving system.
  • The x-ray inspection system durable core components and proactive x-ray source replacement contribute to long-term reliability.
  • The x-ray inspection system lifetime warranty package provides assurance for the equipment’s longevity.
  • The hygienic design of the x-ray inspection system meets ec1935/2004 standards, preventing contamination in the food industry.


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