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Application field

Die-casting, Automotive parts, Batteries, and other large products


  • Focus size: 5um focus resolution/0.4mm focus resolution
  • Inspection area (Dual Table size: 300mm/500mm)
  • Basic 4 Axis: X, Y, Z, T (Rotation ‘R’ Axis option)
  • Various measuring tool software
  • X-ray exam image

    ① 2D/3D Hybrid Inspection System with Automation Technology
    ② Precise results using high-speed OCT technology
    ③ Built for user convenience
    – S/W, Table Size, etc. can be customized according to users and applications.


    Additional Information

    XSCAN-7650C/H XSCAN-8160 XSCAN8160W XSCAN8225C
    X-RAY Tube 150KV/75W 160KV/400W 225KV/450KV/450W(S)&900W(L)
    Tube type/Focal spot Closed type / 5μm Closed type / 0.4mm Closed type / 0.4mm
    X-ray Detector 5″ or 8″ or 12″ or 16″ Flat Panel Detector(FPD) or 9″ Image Intensifier
    Inspection Area Ø300 / Ø500 x 700 (H) Ø500 x 1000mm (H) Ø300 / Ø500 x 600mm (H)
    Axis control Basic 5 Axis:X,Y,Z,T,R
    Dimension 2100 x 1800 x 2100mm 2390 x 1810 x 1960mm 2604 x 2045 x 2109mm 2560 x 1980 x 2080mm
    Weight 3000kg 4000kg
    Utility AC 220V, Single phase, 50/60Hz
    Application Die-casting, Automotive parts, Batteries, and other large products

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