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NetProfiler 3

To your customers, you are the color experts. They expect a lot and hold you to the highest standards. Shouldn’t the color management instruments you use measure up to high standards as well? They will with X-Rite’s NetProfiler 3, an easy to use utility that allows you to verify, optimize, and certify the performance of your color measurement devices.

  • The ability to profile with or without internet connectivity
  • Easier to use with a common user interface for all measurement devices
  • Fully compatible with all contemporary Windows operating systems
  • Improved ceramic calibration media, including new configurations optimized for handheld devices
  • Options for performance verification or adjustment (profiling)
  • NetProfiler provides the ability to certify the measurement performance of a spectrophotometer on a regular basis, ensuring accurate and reliable color measurement
  • NetProfiler enables the standardization of color acceptance criteria and quality across locations
  • NetProfiler allows digital workflows to work effectively by reducing the variances between measurement devices caused by age, wear, and environment
  • NetProfiler helps in reducing your costs by identifying instruments in need of service before they result in off color products

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