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Conveyor Metal Detector

Ensure the safety and integrity of your production process with our advanced Tunnel Metal Detectors tailored for conveyor belt applications. Piece by piece, our cutting-edge technology provides a reliable and efficient solution for detecting metallic contaminants in your piece goods, allowing you to swiftly and accurately separate affected products. This is the ultimate safeguard for consumers, your machinery, and your brand image.

Made in Germany

Free Fall Metal Detector

In the dynamic world of industrial processing, where bulk goods come in various forms—be it pieces or powder, fine or coarse—ensuring the integrity and quality of your products is paramount. Our advanced Metal Detection Systems for free-fall applications offer a comprehensive solution for quality assurance, incoming goods inspection, and machinery protection across a broad spectrum of hygienic requirements, from low to the very highest standards.


Description Metal Detector for Installation in Conveyor Belts The INTUITY metal detector with closed, rectangular aperture primarily is used in the food industry for the

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Description Metal Detector for Installation on Conveyor Belts: This metal detector will Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in product Reduces expensive

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RAPID 5000

Description Metal Detector for Free-Fall Applications • Metal detector for the inspection of powdery and fine-grained bulk materials • This metal detector can Detects magnetic

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Step into a hassle-free service experience with our Repair and Calibration Services. We understand the importance of maintaining peak performance in your equipment, and our dedicated team is here to ensure your complete satisfaction. Whether your conveyor metal detector requires expert repair to restore optimal functionality or precise calibration for accuracy, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled technicians bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering efficient and reliable services to minimize downtime. Trust us to handle your equipment with care, providing thorough diagnostics and solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, your equipment will be back in top-notch condition, ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule your repair and calibration services, and experience the difference of our professional and customer-focused approach.


 Check on their 25kg pack and to avoid any foreign metal contaminants inside their products

Separate all kind of foreign metals in their production line. Customer samples are powder coffee.

 To detect any foreign metal contaminants before they deliver their sample to their customers.

Check on their rubber and to avoid any foreign metal contaminants inside their products.

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04:27 20 Mar 24
It was such a great session with Mr Joe! He explained quite well for xrite spectro colour meter. Thank you for fruitful explanation!
Soffie MohdSoffie Mohd
04:22 20 Mar 24
X-rite training with sufficient explanation and clear pritical explanation
Rahman BabuRahman Babu
04:20 20 Mar 24
Good training thanks very much
nur athirahnur athirah
04:20 20 Mar 24
Have a deeper understanding on color checking & method to check using spectrophotometer
Azrul YahyaAzrul Yahya
04:19 20 Mar 24
Everything is cleared
08:39 31 Jan 24
I recently had the pleasure of working with JS Analytical for their support and technical training on X-Rite Spectrophotometer, and I couldn't be more impressed with the level of service that we got from them. From start to finish, their commitment to excellence stood out.Special thanks to JS- Joe that utmost support via virtual and face to face too. I hope to receive it same support moving forward as well.
Yong Jian LeongYong Jian Leong
08:51 20 Nov 23
Good service & helpful staff
Jeff TeohJeff Teoh
09:08 04 Oct 23
Excellent learning sessions, it's very insightful. Thank you!
adul tahadul tah
09:07 04 Oct 23
Good training. Exposed new knowledge and received nice briefing from presenter.
Nurul Izzaty ZamzamNurul Izzaty Zamzam
06:42 04 Oct 23
Attended metal detector training here, enjoyed the whole workshop, super informative and helpful, trainers were fun too 😊