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LIQUISCAN VF+ (Metal separator for filler applications)

The LIQUISCAN VF+ pipe metal separator is designed for the inspection of sausage meat, processed cheese, gourmet salads, bread spreads, and similar pasty materials. When metal is detected, the filling process is either stopped or a separating system automatically separates the contaminated material into a container. By way of various thread adaptors the separator can be easily connected to standard vacuum fillers.

The LIQUISCAN VF+ metal separator is equipped with the GENIUS+ Control Unit (see “Control Units” brochure). State-ofthe-art microprocessor technology allows con-sistent digital signal processing with optimal interference immunity in accordance with stringent EU directives. The Control Unit is especially designed for automatic process sequences and for the requirements of quality control systems.

As an option the LIQUISCAN VF+ metal separator is supplied on a mobile, height-adjustable stand. The low and well-balanced centre of gravity makes the system highly stable especially when it needs to be moved.

Different separating systems that are optimally matched to the product properties guarantee a reliable separation of metallic contaminations. The piston valve is excellently suited for pasty products (e. g. sausage meat, minced meat, co-extruded sausage-cheese products).

The ball valve is especially suited for liquid products and materials containing coarse pieces (e. g. ham sausage).

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