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C-Scan DLS


Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your production processes with the advanced c-scan dls split able metal detector. Specifically designed for seamless installation on conveyor belts and material chutes, this innovative metal detector ensures the detection of both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed within the product. Engineered for various industries, the C-SCAN DLS metal detector reduces the risk of machinery failure, minimizes production downtime, and safeguards product quality.


Key Features Of The Metal Detector:

Versatile metal detection: Metal detector detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, providing comprehensive protection for your processes.

Operational efficiency: Metal detector is a easy installation on conveyors with no need for belt disconnection, allowing for a hassle-free integration into your existing systems.

High scanning sensitivity: Metal detector will analyzes smalls and bulk materials with a material height over 100 mm, ensuring thorough inspection and accurate detection of metal impurities.

Robust design: Metal detector sturdy and solid construction guarantees high noise immunity, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments.

User-friendly operation: Metal detector have pre-installed parameters and an auto-set function simplify operation, ensuring quick and efficient setup with minimal manual intervention.

Specialized modes: Metal detector have features an “Alukomp” Mode for compensating aluminum-coated foils, depending on foil thickness, and an adjustable metal impulse and delay times for customization.

System parameters display: Metal detector lcd full-graphic module with membrane keys for easy monitoring and control of system parameters.

Product memory: Metal detector stores parameters for ten products, with three presets for quick and convenient setup.

Maintenance-free: The electronic system of the metal detector  is maintenance-free, eliminating the need for readjustment over time, contributing to long-term reliability.

Integrated logbook: Metal detector will keeps a record of operations for traceability and quality control purposes.

Security features: Password protection of the metal detector ensures secure access and control of the detector settings.


The Metal Detector Scope Of Application:

– Plastics Industry

– Recycling Industry

– Timber Industry

– Chemical Industry

– Textile Industry

– Mining Industry

– Cement Industry


Metal Detector Applications:

The C-SCAN DLS Metal detector serves as a crucial machinery protection solution for granulators, shredders, hocks, crushers, calendars, bandsaws, planning machines, and various other equipment across industries.


Package Contents of The Metal Detector:

– Tunnel C-SCAN DLS Metal detector

– Control Unit PRIMUS+ Metal detector


Optional Accessories of The Metal Detector:

– Optical and acoustic signal system of the Metal detector

– Metal detector Digital incident counter

– Conveyor of the Metal detector stop and turning prevention control

– UL/CSA Certification

– Further customizable options available for the Metal detector upon request



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