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C-Scan DLS


Splitable metal detector for installation on conveyor belts and material chutes

  • Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination, even when enclosed in product
  • Reduces expensive machinery failure and minimises production downtime
  • Ensures product quality
  • Prevents customer complaints
  • Break even within a very short period of time
  • To analyse smalls and bulk materials with material height over 100 mm
  • High scanning sensitivity to all metals
  • Easy installation on conveyors, no need to disconnect belt
  • The sturdy and solid design guarantees high noise immmunity
  • Pre-installed parameters simplify operation
  • Auto-Set function for the improved compensation of external interference factors and for the active prevention of faulty activations
  • Operation mode „Alukomp“: Compensation of aluminium coated foils (depending on foil thickness)
  • Increased signal-to-noise-ratio towards electromagnetic pollution, vibrations and conveyor belt distortion
Additonal performance features
  • Display of system parameters with LCD full-graphic module, operation with membrane keys
  • Adjustable metal impulse and delay times
  • Product memory for ten products, three of which are preset
  • Free choice of operation mode
  • Maintenance free electronic, no readjustment necessary
  • Integrated logbook
  • Password protection can be set individually


Scope of delivery
  • Tunnel detector C-SCAN DLS
  • Control Unit PRIMUS+


Options/ accessories
  • Optical and acoustic signal system
  • Digital incident counter
  • Conveyor stop and turning prevention control
  • UL/CSA Certification
  • Further options on request



The splitable tunnel detector DLS is used to analyse smalls and bulk materials on a conveyor belt or material chutes. Preferably used for high material. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even if enclosed in the product. On detection of metal, a signal device and a separation system can be activated or a signal can be send to process controlling.


Typical application areas
  • Plastics industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Timber industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Cement Industry



Machinery protection for granulators, shredders, hocks, crushers, calenders, bandsaws, planing machines, and many more.

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