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Introducing the exact 2 Spectrophotometer Your Comprehensive Solution for Precision Color Management. Unlock a new era of color precision with the exact 2 Spectrophotometer, designed to cater to the diverse needs of both Commercial Printers, Packaging Converters, and Ink Suppliers. This versatile device is a game-changer in the industry, offering a range of features and benefits to streamline your color management processes.

Best in spot color support: fully integrated pantone spectral data, support of the pantone live color digital workflow, and ink key adjustment recommendations for spot colors and cmyk make exact spectrophotometer best-in-class for handling spot colors.

Accurate and consistent: the combination of the advanced spectral engine and integrated white calibration ensures the highest accuracy and consistency with other instruments – all the time. When used with net profiler, customers can ensure accuracy and consistency across multiple measurement devices within a single facility or across geographies.

Configurable: exact spectrophotometer allows the user to easily configure and control the instrument to the specific standards of a selected job.

Efficient: exact spectrophotometer is built to bring efficiency to your operation with its ability to do simultaneous polarized and unpolarized measurements (m0, m2 and m3).

Expandable: with a comprehensive portfolio of products, the exact spectrophotometer family integrates with many solutions to ensure color consistency.

By deploying exact spectrophotometers, print and packaging operations can significantly reduce make-ready times, improve quality, reduce substrate and ink waste and enjoy a more efficient workforce. It is the first instrument in the marketplace to combine unique hardware and software into a single integrated, scalable solution that helps operations get color right the first time – every time.


Benefits Of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer for Commercial Printers and Packaging Converters


  • Measure paper and flexible film substrates with a single device.
  • Zoom in on the measurement area to inspect patches, analyze dot gain, and read plates.
  • Spectrophotometer Save an image of a color measurement for compliance.
  • Get to make-ready color in less time, saving wasted substrate and ink.
  • Maximize press output across a shift with built-in scanning.
  • Manage a fleet of devices with real-time insight, firmware downloads, and net profiler status updates.
  • Check out our exact 2 spectrophotometer Blog for Printers and Converters for more information about the exact 2 spectrophotometer features that are most important to you.


Benefits Of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer for Ink Suppliers


  • Spectrophotometer Clearly communicate color data to printers and converters and formulate fast, accurate recipes.
  • Spectrophotometer Prevent wet ink contamination with non-contact measurement.
  • Spectrophotometer Formulate and proof inks for a wider variety of substrates, including flexible film, with a switchable polarization filter.
  • Simultaneously measure all measurement conditions described in ISO 13655:2017: M0, UV included; M1 (method 2), D50; M2, UV excluded; M3 – Polarization.
  • Use the same model for all projects, regardless of substrate.
  • Formulate accurate ink, use leftover inks and press returns, and reduce waste with close integration ink formulation Software.


Comprehensive Support and Service of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer


  • To set up your business for success, every exact 2 spectrophotometer device purchase includes two years of end-to-end protection for assured performance, full visibility, and complete control of your exact 2 spectrophotometer devices with a Service Care Plan, in regions where applicable.


Connectivity Of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer


More than just a color measurement tool, exact 2 spectrophotometer is the driving force behind an integrated software and IOT-enabled workflow to evaluate color.

  • Exact 2 spectrophotometer comes with Pantone Master libraries, plus direct access to the dependent libraries via pantone live, on the device. With this on-board functionality, you can use thousands of the latest standards to meet customer color needs across a large variety of paper, film, and paperboard substrates and stay on top of color trends.
  • Exact 2 spectrophotometer also offers the best formulation and quality control tools and reporting capabilities. With colorcert software integration, colorcert job results are displayed instantly on the device, minimizing the need to go to another computer and helping you hit color standards fast. Exact 2 spectrophotometer integrates with ink formulation Software to simplify ink workflows and accelerate color development through better match performance and reduced proofing.
  • Exact 2 spectrophotometer is also compatible Link to manage a fleet of devices. This modern dashboard offers real-time insight into device status and ensures all devices are net profiled and ready to go with the latest firmware.



Advantages For Commercial Printers and Packaging Converters with Of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer:


Versatility: spectrophotometer Can Measures both paper and flexible film with one device.

Detailed Inspection: spectrophotometer Zoom in for patch analysis and dot gain control.

Efficiency: Swift make-ready color, minimizing waste.

Optimized Press Output: spectrophotometer Built-in scanning ensures consistent high quality.

Real-Time Management: Manage devices with live updates for seamless operations.

Compliance and Documentation: Save compliance images for record-keeping.

Customizable Features: Explore tailored features via the blog.


Advantages For Ink Suppliers with Of Exact 2 Spectrophotometer:


Clear Communication: spectrophotometer will facilitate fast, accurate ink recipe formulation.

Contamination Prevention: Non-contact measurement avoids wet ink issues.

Substrate Compatibility: Formulate for diverse substrates with a polarization filter.

Consistency Across Projects: ISO 13655:2017 compliance ensures uniformity.

Universal Model: Use one model for all projects, simplifying workflow.

Waste Reduction: Efficiently use inks, press returns, and reduce waste.

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