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Horizontal Packaging Machine


Horizontal Packaging Machine are designed to package a wide variety of products that require a specific look and feel.

The product is inserted on to the machine’s conveyor bed and then travels horizontally to the sealing head and product flows from either left to right or right to left to the sealing head. For the Wrapping part, product is wrapped with protective packaging, often called film. That film (or roll stock) is available in many different structures and materials depending on the requirements of your marketing needs.

Horizontal Packaging Machine is most commonly used for single serve products (cookies, chocolate bars, candy, coffee filters, soap, wet wipes, whole vegetables or fruits) as well as products that are in carton trays (tomatoes, mushrooms, sandwiches, meal kits) or to wrap widgets (hardware tools, home goods, appliances).Automatic flow wrappers like the JS Pack are easy to use, compact and affordable while being easy to use.


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