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Liquiscan VF+


Metal detector for Filler Applications

The LIQUISCAN VF+ pipe metal detector is designed for the inspection of sausage meat, processed cheese, gourmet salads, bread spreads, and similar pasty materials. When metal is detected using this pipe metal detector, the filling process is either stopped or a separating system of the pipe metal detector automatically separates the contaminated material into a container. By way of various thread adaptor, the separator can be easily connected to standard vacuum fillers.

The LIQUISCAN VF+ metal detector is equipped with the GENIUS+ Control Unit (see “Control Units” brochure). State-of the-art microprocessor technology allows consistent digital signal processing with optimal interference immunity in accordance with stringent EU directives. The Control Unit of pipe metal detector is especially designed for automatic process sequences and for the requirements of quality control systems.

As an option the LIQUISCAN VF+ metal detector is supplied on a mobile, height-adjustable stand. The low and well-balanced center of gravity makes the system of pipe metal detector highly stable especially when it needs to be moved.
Different separating systems of the pipe metal detector that are optimally matched to the product properties guarantee a reliable separation of metallic contaminations. The piston valve is excellently suited for pasty products (e. g. sausage meat, minced meat, co-extruded sausage-cheese products).

The ball valve is especially suited for liquid products and materials containing coarse pieces (e. g. ham sausage).


Typical Fields of Application Using Pipe Metal detectors:

• Minced meat / sausage production: Installed between vacuum filler and clipper or twisting unit
• Packaging of processed cheese, spread cheese, or butter: Installed between vacuum filler and packaging machine
• Gourmet salads and raw vegetable salads: Prior to the filling in buckets/trays/cups
• Desserts, fruit preparations, bread spreads, chutneys, or BBQ and condiment sauces: Before the filling station


The Benefits of Metal detector:

• Food Safety: The Pipe Metal detector ensures food safety by preventing metal contamination, avoiding recalls, complaints, and legal problems.
• Quality Control: The Pipe Metal detector system’s digital processing and automatic control ensure consistent product quality, meeting regulations and preserving your product’s reputation.
• Efficiency: Pipe Metal detector have Automatic detection and removal of metal contaminants improve production efficiency, reducing the need for manual inspections and product wastage.
• Compliance: Pipe Metal detector Designed to meet strict EU directives, the LIQUISCAN VF+ ensures compliance with food industry regulations and standards.
• Product Adaptability: The Pipe Metal detector is versatile, accommodating various food products, crucial in the diverse food industry.
• Hygienic Design: The Pipe Metal detector is designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and materials meeting industry sanitation standards, ensuring food safety.
• Sensitivity: The pipe metal detector is highly sensitive, detecting even tiny metal contaminants in pasty food products to prevent any particles from entering the production process.


The Advantages of Metal detector:

• Metal Contamination Detection: Pipe Metal detector ensures food safety and quality compliance by detecting and removing metal contaminants, protecting your brand and consumers.
• Automatic Process Control: Pipe Metal detector include with Utilizes microprocessor technology for consistent product quality and reduces human error in responding to metal contamination.
• Versatility: Pipe Metal detector can Easily connect to standard vacuum fillers, adapting to various filling applications in food processing.
• Separation Systems: Pipe Metal detector offers optimized systems for different product properties, handling a wide range of food products.
• Mobile and Stable: The mobile, height-adjustable stand enhances flexibility and stability for easy repositioning in changing production environments when using Pipe Metal detector.


The Importance of Metal detector:

• Consumer Safety: Pipe Metal detector Ensuring that food products are free from metal contaminants is crucial for consumer safety and well-being. Detecting and removing these contaminants helps prevent potential health hazards.
• Brand Reputation: Food safety incidents can damage a brand’s reputation and result in financial losses. The Pipe Metal detector helps maintain and enhance your brand’s reputation by ensuring product safety and quality.
• Regulatory Compliance: Meeting regulatory requirements is essential in the food industry. The Pipe Metal detector helps you stay compliant with food safety standards and regulations, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.
• Efficiency and Cost Savings: Pipe Metal detector Automating the detection and removal of metal contaminants can lead to cost savings and improved production efficiency by reducing product wastage and the need for manual inspections.
• Versatility: The Pipe Metal detector offers versatility, making it a valuable asset in a range of food processing applications, providing a flexible solution for different product types and production scenarios.

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