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LUXOR S dryers operate at maximum efficiency and with minimum operating maintenance. The opportunity to have multiple material bins connected to one dry air generator provides our customers with maximum flexibility and no interruption to production. Drying can continue while material is changed in any one bin, minimising loss of valuable production time during material changes.
The compact LUXOR S series consists of five models with drying capacities from 40 to 160 m3/h. Each dry air generator can be flexibly combined with a combination of drying bins ranging in size from 15 to 600 litres.

Technical plastics are hygroscopic. They absorb humidity from ambient air which influences the melt in a negative way and massively affects product quality. Thanks to consistant pre-drying to a defined residual moisture with a motan LUXOR dry air dryer, production risks may be eliminated and high quality assurance is achieved. No rejects due to humidity.

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