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Protector MF


Introducing the PROTECTOR-MF, a cutting-edge metal detector designed to safeguard extrudes, injection molding, and blow molding machines in the plastic industry. This state-of-the-art system detects and separates both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, even when concealed within the product, ensuring uncompressed product quality.


Key Features Of The Metal Detector:

  1. Comprehensive metal contamination detection and separation:
  • Metal detector will identifies and separates metal particles, preventing costly tool and machinery damage.
  • This metal detector can detects both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants, enhancing overall product safety.
  1. Damage prevention and machinery uptime:
  • Metal detector reduces the risk of machinery downtime and expensive repairs.
  • Metal detector ensures continuous operation, preventing blockages in nozzles and filters.
  1. Ensures high product quality:
  • Safeguards the production of plastics, compounds, and composites, maintaining superior product quality with metal detector.
  • Using metal detector prevents customer complaints by delivering contaminant-free products.
  1. Fast return on investment:
  • Breaks even within a short period, offering a rapid return on investment.
  • This metal detector is the cost-effective solution to prevent extensive damage and production delays.
  1. High sensitivity and immunity:
  • This metal detector has high scanning sensitivity for all metals.
  • Immune to vibration and electromagnetic interference, ensuring reliable operation with metal detector.
  1. Proven separating unit:
  • The separating slide of the metal detector guarantees safe and reliable operation, even in high-throughput applications or with materials containing a high content of flakes or regrind.
  1. Compact design for easy mounting:
  • Compact design of the metal detector facilitates the mounting of heavy conveying, mixing, and dosing units.
  • Versatile installation options of the metal detector for seamless integration into existing systems.
  1. Auto-set or manual product compensation:
  • Metal detector auto-set (auto-teach function) or manual product compensation for improved adaptation to the intrinsic conductivity of the inspected product.
  1. Preset operating parameters:
  • Preset parameters of the metal detector ensure outstanding ease of operation, enhancing user convenience.


Function Chart Of The Metal Detector:

  • Detection coil of the metal detector identifies metal contaminants.
  • Metal contaminants are separated by the fast-acting separating slide.
  • Good material is directed to the proper outlet, while metal contaminants are expelled through the reject outlet by metal detector.


Scope Of Delivery:

  • Metal detector with a remote control unit primus+ for efficient monitoring and control.


Options/Accessories Of The Metal Detector:

  • Visual and audible alarms of the metal detector for immediate notification of contamination events.
  • Metal detector digital detection counter for tracking the number of detected contaminants.
  • Compressed-air monitor in the metal detector for enhanced operational safety.
  • High-temperature variants for applications with elevated temperatures.
  • Customized inlet connections and adaptersfor the metal detector to meet specific customer needs.
  • Magnet systems for per-separationof ferrous metals.


Metal Detector Typical Application Areas:

  • Plastic industry and inhouse recycling.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Recycling industry.

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