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Protector Professional


The protector professional metal detector stands at the forefront of machinery protection in the plastics processing industry, ensuring the integrity of your production processes and safeguarding against costly malfunctions. Specifically designed for installation in conveyor belts and material chutes, this plate-type metal detector excels in detecting both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, even when enclosed within the product.


Key Features of The Metal Detector:

Versatile contaminant detection:

  • Metal detector detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants, providing comprehensive protection.
  • Metal detector capable of identifying even the smallest metal particles in plastic melt.

Reliable contaminant separation:

  • Metal detector automatically separates detected contaminants from the material flow.
  • Metal detector utilizes a “Quick-valve” Reject unit and venturi nozzle for minimum loss of good material.

Enhanced scanning sensitivity:

  • Metal detector exceptional sensitivity for detecting metal particles, even under high mechanical loads.
  • Metal detector ideal for use with heavy conveyor systems, dosing units, mixers, and feeders.

Flexible installation:

  • Metal detector space-saving and compact system design for quick and easy installation.
  • Metal detector adapter plates available for quick connection to material conveyors from different manufacturers.

Robust design:

  • Integrated reinforcing framework ensures the high-performance detection unit remains unaffected by vertical mechanical forces.
  • Metal detector suitable for challenging environments with high regrind content (dust).

User-friendly operation:

  • Metal detector auto-set (auto-teach function) or manual product compensation for improved adaptation to product conductivity.
  • Metal detector pre-set operating parameters for easy and efficient operation.


Metal Detector Scope of Delivery:

  • Metal detector with a remote Control Unit PRIMUS+


Options/Accessories of The Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector is optical and acoustical signaling devices for efficient monitoring.
  • Digital counter to track the number of metal separation events.
  • Metal detector manual separation button and function test button in a separate housing.
  • Compressed-air monitor of the metal detector for enhanced safety.
  • Collecting container with a spiral tube for convenient rejection material handling.
  • Sesotec metal detector adapter plate system for versatile installation options.
  • 3ul/csa certificate for compliance with safety standards.
  • Special mains voltages available upon request.


Metal Detector Typical Application Areas:

  • Plastics processing industry, providing machinery protection for granulators, shredders, hocks, crushers, calenders, and more.


Benefits of The Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector reduces costs associated with mold and machine damage, as well as production losses.
  • Metal detector ensures product quality and protects against customer complaints.
  • Metal detector rapid return on investment with efficient contaminant detection and separation.


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