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Rapid Vario-FS


The RAPID VARIO-FS Metal Detector Is a Cutting-Edge Solution Designed For Free-Fall Applications, Effectively Detecting And Separating Both Magnetic And Non-Magnetic Metal Contaminants, Even When Concealed Within The Product. Crafted From Durable Stainless Steel (1.4301 Aisi 304), Its Design Ensures Minimal Installation Height, Allowing Seamless Integration Into Existing Pipeline Systems. The Unit Features Separated Detection And Separation Components, Enabling Flexible Adjustments On-Site, Including The Positioning Of The Waste Reject Unit To Match The Collecting Tray.


Key Features Of Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector detects and separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination
  • Stainless steel construction for product-contacting metal parts
  • Low installation height of metal detector for easy integration into existing pipelines
  • Adjustable metal detector for free-fall height and waste reject unit positioning
  • Standard Jacobsadapters for quick installation
  • Auto-set or manual product compensation for improved adaptation
  • Preinstalledparameters for simplified operation
  • Metal detector enhanced signal-to-noise ratio minimizes electromagnetic pollution and vibrations


The Importance Of Using Metal Detector:

Metal detection and separation: The RAPID VARIO-FS metal detector detects and separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants in bulk goods.

Preventing machinery failure: Metal detector prevents damage to expensive machinery caused by metal fragments.

Reducing production downtime: Metal detector early detection minimizes unplanned downtime in production.

Ensuring product quality: The metal detector assures the quality of the final product.

Preventing customer complaints: Metal detector avoids customer complaints by eliminating metal impurities.

Quick break-even: The investment in metal detector pays off rapidly through cost savings.

Hygiene compliance: The RAPID VARIO-FS metal detector designed for low hygiene applications, maintaining product safety.

Versatile applications: Metal detector adaptable across industries—plastics, recycling, wood, chemical, food, and feeding stuff.


The Benefits Of Using Metal Detector:

Operational efficiency: Metal detector enhances overall efficiency in production processes.

Resource optimization: Metal detector optimizes resources by reducing waste and machinery wear.

Regulatory compliance: Metal detector facilitates compliance with industry standards for product safety.

Cost-effective maintenance: Metal detector identifies issues early, reducing the need for extensive repairs.

Enhanced reputation: Metal detector builds and maintains a positive industry reputation.

Sustainable practices: Metal detector minimizes environmental impact through efficient contamination control.

Adaptability: Metal detector performs reliably in diverse industrial environments.

User-friendly operation: Metal detector features auto-teach functionality for simplified use.

Customization: Metal detector offers options and accessories for tailored solutions.

Proactive problem prevention: Metal detector maintains product quality, prevents customer complaints, and fosters a proactive quality control approach.

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