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Raycon D+


Intelligent x-ray product inspection system for packaged products – End of line inspection

  • Longer lifetime of core components
  • Application variability
  • Surpassing detection requirements
  • Increased ease of use


Performance features


The RAYCON D+ product inspection system detects all contaminants that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb x-rays better than the surrounding product.

With its optional capability using Dual-Energy technology the performance for soft contaminants gets extremely improved for materials e.g. types of plastics (PVC, aso.), rubber, ceramics, stones, calcified bones and similar materials.


Detectability of different materials depending on their density

The RAYCON D+ product inspection system is characterised by the following
performance features:

  • Throughput: ~250 pcs./min. (product specific)
  • Detection capability starting from Ø 0,3 mm
  • 200W long life x-ray generator
  • Highest operator safety due to low x-ray emission < 0.5 µSv/h
  • Modular and stable frame design allows easy transportation and safe installation
  • Ambient temperatures from 0°C to + 40°C
  • IP 66 protection class within conveyor area
Functional diagram

The system comprises of the following main components:

(A) X-ray tube
This is where x-rays are electrically generated. The x-rays are emitted from the tube through a narrow slot and as a fan-shaped beam pass through the product to be inspected from back to front.
(B) X-ray beam
(C) Transport system
A PE flat belt (self guiding) uniformly transports the product to be inspected through the x-ray beam. This makes it possible to scan the
product line-by-line.
(D) Detector unit
The linear detector that is installed above the inspection aperture converts the arriving x-rays into an electrical signal from which a digital
x-ray image is created.
– 0,4 mm HD resolution
– 0,8 mm Dual Energy
(E) Industry-type PC
The PC is used to evaluate the images and to accurately control the reject systems.


Key Benefits

Longer lifetime of core components by Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

  • Automatic detection of product height
  • Automatic power adjustment of the x-ray source
  • Extended lifetime of x-ray source
  • Increase of energy efficiency
  • Maximum sensitivity without special settings
  • Time savings during the learning process of the different products

Application variability

  • The modular design allows adaptation to various applications
  • Depending on machine configuration, foreign bodies are detected from 0,3 mm
  • Modular principle enables fast, uncomplicated and cost-transparent upgrade
  • Platform concept enables subsequent update
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design
  • Tool-free belt change within 2 minutes
  • HD (High Definition): Detects foreign bodies from 0,3 mm (e. g. stainless steel, steel, copper, glass, …)
  • Dual Energy: Detects soft impurities from 2,0 mm (e. g. bones, rubber, …)

Surpassing detection requirements

  • Surpasses the latest and most valid food regulations by up to 400%
  • False reject rate (F.R.R.) below 0,01%
  • The system detects products up to a conveying speed of 1 m/s
  • Maximum throughput is 250 pieces per minute

Increased ease of use

  • The 15 “HD touch display in 16:9 format offers a high resolution for excellent picture quality
  • No special operating knowledge is necessary
  • Automatic recognition of the product packaging by the edge filter
  • Minimizing the frequency of false rejects and product wastage
  • Automatic detection of the x-ray source lifetime and early warning by the system
  • Warranty extension from 3 to 5 years through the optional service package

Technology comparison
High resolution vs. Dual Energy


Conventional systems                                    RAYCON D+                       

30% found foreign bodies                            100% found foreign bodies

Sliced bacon with 0,3 mm stainless steel impurities

Conventional systems                                        RAYCON D+ Dual Energy  

0% found foreign bodies                                   100% found foreign bodies

Noodles with glass splinter 2 mm x 3 mm (W x L)

The RAYCON Family

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