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RM200QC Portable Color Meter for Quick Color Comparisons

With a small device such as a color meter that fits easily in your palm, this color meter streamlines color measurement from incoming material through existing product shipments.

Wherever color control is crucial, materials and products can benefit from consistent color comparisons provided by the RM200QC Imaging color meter. From the color quality control lab to the production floor to supplier inspections in the field, it is a stylish, portable equipment that fits easily in your hand or pocket just like our color meter.


Why Color Meter?

When color criteria are too strict to rely just on eye judgment, using this reasonably priced tool which is a color meter that will improve your color quality. This color meter eliminates the ambiguity that might arise when using color swatches as the final color comparison and is more accurate and dependable than other fundamental color meters. This is because each person’s sense of color varies, color perception depends on lighting conditions, and physical swatches can become worn out or damaged with time.



  • This color meter can stable color quality must be attained throughout the whole quality assurance and production process, including field testing with outside suppliers.
  • Manage your suppliers effectively and make sure they all follow the same standards of color using our color meter.
  • Control product quality, manufacturing, and end product variances with our color meter.
  • Our color meter reduce waste and rework by controlling batch-to-batch variability during the production process.

High reliability and precision are provided by this simple color measuring tool which is color meter, which frequently eliminates the need for bulkier, more cumbersome equipment, especially for outdoor applications. This color meter is a superb color measurement tool that provides correct color information, removes emotion from color judgment, and aids in obtaining quicker client approvals. With the RM200QC color meter constantly in your pocket or bag, you’ll be prepared to precisely assess color whenever and wherever you need it using our color meter.


Advantages of using color meter

Cosmetics and Apparel: In the cosmetics industry, color meters help ensure consistent product color, and in the apparel industry, they aid in color matching for textiles and clothing.

Art and Design: Artists and designers use color meters to ensure the accurate reproduction of colors in artwork and design projects.

Color Vision Research: Color meters are used in vision research to study color perception and color blindness.

User-Friendly: Color meters are designed with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward operation, making them accessible to a wide range of users, including those without extensive color science knowledge.

Quality Control: In industries such as automotive manufacturing, textiles, and cosmetics, color meters are used for quality control to ensure products meet established color standards and specifications.

Color Matching: Color meters are used to match colors for various applications, such as paint mixing, textile dyeing, and cosmetics production. They enable precise color reproduction to meet customer demands.

Objective Color Measurement: Color meters provide objective and quantifiable color data, eliminating subjectivity that can arise from human perception. This is essential in quality control and research applications where consistent and accurate color measurement is crucial.

Reproducibility: Color meters ensure consistent and reproducible color measurements, regardless of the operator, lighting conditions, or environmental factors. This is vital in industries like printing, textile, and food where color consistency is essential.

Speed and Efficiency: Color measurements can be obtained quickly, making color meters an efficient tool for real-time quality control and production processes. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Large Color Space Coverage: Color meters can measure colors across a wide range of color spaces, such as CIE Lab, RGB, CMYK, and more, making them suitable for various industries and color standards using this color meter.

Data Logging and Analysis: Many color meters offer data logging and storage capabilities, allowing users to track and analyze color trends over time. This is valuable for process control and quality assurance when using color meter tools.

Non-contact Measurement: Color meters are typically non-contact instruments, meaning they do not physically touch the sample. This is important when dealing with delicate or fragile objects using color meter.

Multiple Illuminant Options: Color meters can measure color under different lighting conditions or illuminants, ensuring that the color data is relevant to the specific application. This is crucial in industries like graphic design and interior design.



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