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Thick 800A Plating Thickness Analyser

Thick800A Plating Thickness Analyzer


The Plating Thickness XRF Analyzer is a cutting-edge device designed for rapid and non-destructive analysis of plating layer thickness and compositions in both plating and plating solutions. The plating thickness incorporates advanced features to ensure precise measurements and user-friendly operation.

Key Features of Plating Thickness:

Top lighting:
• Enables easier measurement of samples with varying thickness.

Auto-height sample positioning:
• Facilitates convenient and accurate positioning with laser guiding.

Auto spot search:
• Ensures precise test point alignment for reliable results.

Precision positioning sample holder:
• Enhances stability and accuracy during measurements.

Micro collimator:
• Improves testing accuracy for more precise analysis.
• Point-and-click test point determination: user-friendly interface for easy operation.

Altitude transducer:
• Enhances measurement accuracy, especially in varied environmental conditions.

Si-pin semiconductor detector:
• Utilizes advanced semiconductor technology for efficient and accurate measurements.

Measurement of up to 5 plating layers:
• Offers versatility in analyzing multiple layers.

Applications of Plating Thickness:

• Plating thickness analyzer ideal for industries involved in plating processes.
• Plating thickness analyzer ensures quality control and adherence to specifications in manufacturing.
• Quality control in manufacturing processes.
• Research and development in material science.
• Analysis of plating solutions for process optimization.

Advantages of Using Plating Thickness:Non-destructive analysis:
Plating thickness analyzer assess plating layer thickness and compositions without causing damage to the samples, preserving product integrity during testing.

Rapid analysis with plating thickness:
Utilize features like top lighting, auto-height sample positioning, and point-and-click test point determination for swift and efficient sample analysis, reducing overall testing time and enhancing productivity.

High precision and accuracy:
Benefit from advanced features of plating thickness such as auto spot search, precision positioning sample holder, and micro collimator to ensure precise and accurate measurements, providing reliable data crucial for quality control and process optimization.

Versatility of plating thickness:
With the capability to measure up to 5 plating layers, the THICK800A plating thickness is well-suited for analyzing complex coating structures commonly encountered in various industrial applications, offering versatility in measurement capabilities.

User-friendly interface of the plating thickness:
The intuitive point-and-click test point determination and user-friendly interface of the plating thickness make operation straightforward, reducing the need for extensive training and enabling operators to perform measurements effectively with minimal effort.

Advanced detector technology of plating thickness:
The Si-Pin semiconductor detector integrated into the THICK800A plating thickness enhances detection efficiency and accuracy, ensuring sensitivity to subtle variations in plating thickness and composition.

Environmental adaptability using plating thickness:
The inclusion of an altitude transducer enhances measurement accuracy, particularly in environments with fluctuating atmospheric conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable results regardless of external factors.

Quality control and process optimization with plating thickness:
By delivering accurate and reliable analysis data, the THICK800A plating thickness supports manufacturers in maintaining stringent quality standards, optimizing plating processes, and minimizing production defects, ultimately enhancing overall product quality and performance.


Ease of Use Plating Thickness:

The THICK800A plating thickness analyzer combines advanced technology with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both experts and non-experts. The point-and-click test point determination simplifies the analysis process.

Precision and accuracy:
With features like auto spot search, precision positioning, and a micro collimator, this plating thickness analyzer ensures high accuracy in plating layer thickness measurements.

Detector technology:
The Si-Pin semiconductor detector employed in the THICK800A plating thickness ensures efficient and reliable detection for precise composition analysis.

This plating thickness analyzer is capable of measuring up to 5 plating layers, providing flexibility in analyzing complex coating structures.


Additional Information

Elements: Na to U (more than 24 simultaneously).
Content Range: 1 ppm – 99.99%.
Repeatability: 0.1%
Long period stability: 0.1%
Dimensions: 648 x 490 x 544 mm
Sample Chamber: 517 x 352 x 150 mm

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