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Thick8000 XRF (Plating Thickness Analyzer)

Thick8000 XRF Plating Thickness Analyzer


The thick8000 XRF (plating thickness analyzer) represents a pinnacle in precision and user-friendly design, tailored for the precise measurement of plating thickness across diverse industries. Engineered with MICROSPOT technology, a 3d movable platform, HD cameras, and automatic collimators, this instrument delivers unparalleled accuracy with spot sizes as minute as 0.1 mm. Its advanced features, including image identification and signal to noise enhancer (SNE), bolster measurement quality and reliability. With effortless one-click operation and intelligent plating-thickness software, the thick8000 ensures a seamless user experience while catering to the demands of metal plating thickness analysis, PCB manufacturing, and electroplating industries. Trusted by professionals, the thick8000 guarantees efficient and dependable measurements, fortified by extensive expertise in the field.

General Info
Thick 8000 Plating Thickness X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is specifically designed plating thickness measurement. Skyray Microspot technology utilises a 3D movable platform, two HD cameras and 8 automatic collimators to achieve precise analysis with spot size as small as 0.1 mm.
  • Excellent sample observation system
  • Advanced image identification
  • Built-in SNE (Signal to Noise Enhancer)
  • Intelligent Plating-thickness software
  • Large area high resolution detector
  • Four automatic micro-focus collimators
  • One-click operation

  • Application Fields
  • Metal plating thickness analysis
  • PCB industry
  • Electroplating industry
  • Application Fields


    Key Features of Plating Thickness Analyzer:

    MICROSPOT technology: plating thickness analyzer employs a 3d movable platform, dual HD cameras, and 8 automatic collimators for precise analysis.
    Spot size: achieves exceptionally small spot sizes down to 0.1 mm.
    Sample observation system: provides superior sample observation capabilities.
    Image identification: plating thickness analyzer utilizes cutting-edge image identification technology.
    SNE (signal to noise enhancer): integrated feature enhances signal-to-noise ratio for optimal results.
    Plating thickness software: incorporates intelligent software for comprehensive analysis.
    Detector: plating thickness analyzer equipped with a high-resolution detector covering a large area.
    Collimators: four automatic micro-focus collimators ensure precise measurements.
    Ease of use: offers intuitive one-click operation for user convenience.


    Application Fields of Plating Thickness Analyzer:

    • Metal plating thickness analysis
    • PCB industry
    • Electroplating industry

    Additional Information of The Plating Thickness Analyzer:

    • Specifically engineered for plating thickness measurement applications.
    • Harnesses specialized expertise in plating thickness measurement technology.
    • Plating thickness analyzer is fully automated software operation facilitates multi-point testing capabilities.
    • Software seamlessly controls plating thickness analyzer functions and movable platform for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
    • Plating thickness analyzer widely adopted across various plating industries for its robust analytical capabilities.


    Advantages of Using Plating Thickness Analyzer:

    High precision:
    MICROSPOT technology and a 3d movable platform ensure accurate plating thickness analysis.

    Small spot sizes:
    Achieves precise measurements with spot sizes as small as 0.1 mm, enhancing accuracy using plating thickness analyzer.

    Advanced features:
    Plating thickness analyzer have HD cameras, automatic collimators, image identification, and SNE enhance measurement reliability.

    User-friendly design:
    One-click operation and intuitive software streamline user experience with plating thickness analyzer.

    Plating thickness analyzer suitable for metal plating, PCB manufacturing, and electroplating industries.

    Automated software and multi-point testing save time and resources with plating thickness analyzer.

    Trusted expertise:
    Backed by expertise, plating thickness analyzer a reliable tool for professionals.



    Measurable elements: Sulfur ( S ) – Uranium ( U )
    Plating Thickness: up to 20um
    Repeatability: 0.1%
    Stability: 0.1%
    Energy Resolution: 135eV
    Power: AC 220V ± 5V or AC 110V ± 5V. AC purified voltage power supply
    Sample chamber size: 52cm x 40cm x 15cm
    Size: 69cm x 57cm x 66cm
    Work Temperature: 15℃ -30 ℃

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