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Joe with our dealer at a production area under Acten Integrated Technology.

Staff Involved:
JS Analytical Sdn Bhd:
• Joe, Sales Manager


The photograph shows Joe with our dealer at a production area under Acten Integrated Technology Sdn Bhd after a Commissioning & Training visit for a Metal Detector that they purchased from us.

Acten Integrated Technology is a local Rubber, Plastic, and Tire Machinery Solution Provider since 1994 and has served Rubber & Plastics Industries within & outside of Malaysia.

The item purchased was the Sesotec’s C-SCAN DLS – a Metal Detector Machine that can be installed onto Conveyor Belts or Material Chutes. For Acten? It was for their production auxiliary rubber machine.

At the final checking point, if there are any metallic anomalies in the plastic or rubber bulk, it will be 100% checked by the metal detector.

Once detected, the metal detector will trigger an alarm and stop the conveyor belt, so that the production team can inspect properly for that particular bulk.

Acten’s client’s bulk consists of rubber that are raw materials used for making tyres. Try to imagine if a car tyre has a metallic object inside, what would happen? It’ll be hazardous!

So, since their customer has a very tight requirement and standard on quality control without the foreign metal inside their rubber, Acten had to comply and thus why they purchased Sesotec’s Metal Detector from us.

JS Analytical Sdn Bhd (1094207-V) is an authorised agent for Sesotec GmbH, from Germany.

Sesotec is one of the leading manufacturers of separating & sorting machines and systems for product inspection and for the sorting of material flows.

For general info on the product, visit:

For more details on C-SCAN DLS Metal Detector, you can e-mail to or call directly to +6012-641 2576.