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Article » Metal Detection for Liquid & Paste

Metal Detection for Liquid & Paste

Do you want to avoid the risk of metallic contaminants halting production or ending up in the final product? Our metal detection system and Metal detector machine reliably detect all metallic contaminants und provide protection – perfectly tailored to your application.

Our metal detection systems use inductive technology to identify all metallic pollutants, whether they are exposed or embedded in the product and made of iron, steel, stainless steel, or non-ferrous metals including aluminium, copper, and brass. The metal detection system automatically remove the contaminated goods by signalling the process controls and working with a separation unit. We have equipment that complies with IFS, BRC, and FSMA regulations for the food sector.

Our metal detectors provide effective protection against damage to machinery, production downtime, customer complaints and recall.

The benefits of using our metal detection machine

  • Accurately identify both magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities.
  • The first makers of metal detectors using artificial intelligence, helping to prevent machine damage and production downtime.
  • Verify that product quality meets the necessary requirements and certifications.
  • Defence against consumer complaints and product recalls.
  • Accelerated amortisation.

Wide product range with customisation options
Our whole selection of cutting-edge technology encompasses a variety of goods, modes of transportation, and phases in the manufacturing process. When pre-made solutions don’t suit the bill, we turn to customization to discover another approach. We can rapidly get familiar with your procedures thanks to our extensive expertise working in a range of user-focused sectors, and we can provide solutions that will seamlessly fit into your production line.

We concentrate on designing and developing our metal detection systems so that they are as quick and simple to install, use, and clean as possible. Additionally, the high level of mechanical stability and interference resistance found in our metal detector and metal detection systems is a result of German engineering and manufacturing excellence.

How the systems work

Detection based on induction technology
Our metal detection devices are capable of finding every sort of metal by the metal detection system, not just iron or magnetic elements. This metal detection system employ the transmitter/receiver technology based on electromagnetic induction to make this feasible. The metal detector continuously produces an electromagnetic field while it is in use. A metal object will affect the field if it passes through the detector. The presence of metal is afterwards detected by the signal of the metal detection system that was sent.

Digital signal analysis
The control module’s software of metal detection system evaluates the recorded signals. Due to a product’s inherent conductivity, it must be able to discern reliably between metallic impurities and interference from the environment or the product itself.

Therefore, to examine signals with reference values that either arrive preset or are produced during ongoing operations, our control systems of metal detection system employ advanced algorithms. With this method, they can accurately identify metallic impurities without setting off false alarms. Depending on the settings, the module sends a signal to the process controls of metal detection system when a contaminant is found, activates the downstream separation unit, alerts the operational crew, and logs the occurrence in the integrated logbook.

Low-loss separation
Swivel arms, air-blast nozzles, pushers, rejection flaps, swivel hoppers and retraction belts are available to choose from as a means of removing contaminated products safely, automatically and with little loss of material. The specific choice depends on the nature of the product, type of conveyance and other parameters.

Metal detection systems for liquids and pastes

The food sector must adhere to the highest standards of quality. No matter what products you manufacture—sausage meat, processed cheese, marmalade, mustard or soups—our metal detectors will assist you in effectively safeguarding machinery and customers against metallic impurities. Additionally, integrating them into your production operations is really simple.

Metal Detector for Paste & Liquids_JS Analytical Sdn Bhd

Our metal detection systems for liquid and paste products may be quickly and simply attached to all popular vacuum fillers, pumps, clipper machines and sausage-filling machines as well as incorporated into existing piping systems. They guarantee the safe and effective removal of any metallic pollutants since they provide a variety of separation technologies to pick from.

The benefits in detail

  • Our metal detectors offer the lowest installation length and are the easiest to integrate into pipe systems, attach to vacuum fillers, pumps and other processing machinery.
  • Because of its practical, strong, and sanitary stainless steel construction and high protection class, they are incredibly simple to clean.
  • Our metal detection systems assist you in adhering to FSMA, BRC, and IFS standards.
  • Regardless of whether a metal is magnetic or not, they have the maximum sensitivity to all metals thanks to two-channel technology.
  • The touch-screen GENIUS+ control device makes for incredibly simple and intuitive handling.
  • According to EU directives, digital signal processing offers the highest level of security. Self-monitoring, self-calibration, and temperature correction features are concurrently accessible.
  • Our metal separators, as a result, are especially well adapted to automation operations and the demands of quality control systems.
  • Our metal detection systems have an auto-learn function to adjust for the material’s inherent conductivity to the best possible extent.
Metal Detector for Paste & Liquids_JS Analytical Sdn Bhd

Design and alternative configurations
For filler applications and pumed products
Our metal detection systems for liquids and pastes are easy to install. As in pipe systems with a nominal width of 100 mm and may be attached to vacuum fillers and pumps.

Different separation systems
The secure removal of metallic impurities is ensured by various valves.These are precisely matched to the requirements of the product. There are accessible ball, piston, and arc valves.

Different pipe diameters
Our metal separators come in a variety of pipe sizes to provide the required throughput.

Stable and mobile
Our machines come with an optional movable, height-adjustable stand. High levels of stability are guaranteed by the low, balanced centre of gravity, especially while shifting the stand.