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X-Rite Portable Spectrophotometer

Introducing our revolutionary Portable Handheld Spectrophotometers, transforming color measurement and quality control processes across industries. With unmatched portability, precision, and versatility, these devices empower on-site measurements with ease. Engineered for quick and accurate results, they adapt seamlessly to various sample types and surfaces. By eliminating off-site lab measurements, they save time, resources, and minimize errors, ensuring significant cost savings. Tailored support ensures perfect alignment with unique business needs. Elevate your color measurement capabilities today.

Made In USA


Description Experience the pinnacle of color accuracy with the X-Rite Ci7800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer. Ideal for textiles, apparel, paint, coatings, and plastics, this model sets a

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RM200QC Portable Color Meter for Quick Color Comparisons With a small device such as a color meter that fits easily in your palm, this color

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Rental Service

In our endeavor to provide versatile solutions to our clientele, we extend beyond traditional sales offerings by introducing a rental service for our instruments. Our commitment to meeting diverse needs is underscored by this initiative, which enables customers to access our top-quality instruments through flexible rental arrangements. Whether it’s short-term usage or long-term projects, our rental service caters to a spectrum of requirements, ensuring accessibility and affordability without compromising on the excellence our products are renowned for. By embracing this dual approach of sales and rental, we aim to enhance accessibility and foster greater collaboration within our community of users.

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04:27 20 Mar 24
It was such a great session with Mr Joe! He explained quite well for xrite spectro colour meter. Thank you for fruitful explanation!
Soffie MohdSoffie Mohd
04:22 20 Mar 24
X-rite training with sufficient explanation and clear pritical explanation
Rahman BabuRahman Babu
04:20 20 Mar 24
Good training thanks very much
nur athirahnur athirah
04:20 20 Mar 24
Have a deeper understanding on color checking & method to check using spectrophotometer
Azrul YahyaAzrul Yahya
04:19 20 Mar 24
Everything is cleared
08:39 31 Jan 24
I recently had the pleasure of working with JS Analytical for their support and technical training on X-Rite Spectrophotometer, and I couldn't be more impressed with the level of service that we got from them. From start to finish, their commitment to excellence stood out.Special thanks to JS- Joe that utmost support via virtual and face to face too. I hope to receive it same support moving forward as well.
Yong Jian LeongYong Jian Leong
08:51 20 Nov 23
Good service & helpful staff
Jeff TeohJeff Teoh
09:08 04 Oct 23
Excellent learning sessions, it's very insightful. Thank you!
adul tahadul tah
09:07 04 Oct 23
Good training. Exposed new knowledge and received nice briefing from presenter.
Nurul Izzaty ZamzamNurul Izzaty Zamzam
06:42 04 Oct 23
Attended metal detector training here, enjoyed the whole workshop, super informative and helpful, trainers were fun too 😊